The Heckler und Koch MP5 (first available in 1966) is unusual for an SMG; it fires from a closed bolt and can have one round more than the magazine capacity in the chamber. This makes it more accurate in semi-automatic fire but prone to overheating in full-auto. The MP5 is a recoil-operated, roller-delayed blowback, select-fire weapon (overall design is very similar to the H&K G3 battle rifle). It was designed for police duties, on the theory that most shots will be aimed semi-auto with full-auto only for emergencies. The standard version is just over two feet long with a fixed stock or the collapsible metal stock extended, about 19 inches with the stock retracted. Old variants of the MP5 had a ported metal handguard and straight box magazines; Newer ones have a polymer handguard and curved box magazines to ensure reliable feeding. For some time H&K produced 10 mm Auto and .40 S&W versions of MP5, called MP5/10 and MP5/40 (both are Dmg. 3d), respectively, but they are now discontinued in favor of the newer H&K UMP submachine gun. MP5s are rugged, reliable and accurate weapons, one of the best in this class. They have been adopted by more than sixty nations and are available in a wide variety to fit most tactical needs (over 120 variants, differing in trigger groups, safety, sights, etc.). The silenced version (MP5SD) has a permanently mounted silencer that also reduces the muzzle velocity of 9 mm ammunition to subsonic. When fired, it makes less noise than a powerful air rifle (Dmg. 2d-1, -7 to hear). The MP5 is over 75 cm long with stock, 64 cm with stock collapsed and is made in a stockless variant only 55 cm long. A special compact version is made with a very short barrel and no stock at all, fired as a machine pistol. These models have a front pistol grip to help control of recoil (Dmg. 2d+2, Rcl. -3,15 Shots, Wt. 2.2, HO -2, overall length 33 cm).

Heckler And Koch Pdw




SS Acc.






ST Rcl.

Cost HO

American 180

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