The MR-73 revolver was developed by Manurhin (Manufacture de Machines du Haut-Rhin), France in 1973. The MR-73 is a standard issue firearm for the french Gendarmerie, as well as for some French elite law enforcement agencies (GIGN, RAID, etc). The MR-73 is also a favorite European sporting arm, available in Sport and Match (.32 S&W Long or .38 Special) versions. All MR-73s feature an all-steel construction, designed to withstand extereme pressures. The barrels are produced by cold-hammering, resulting in long service life and extreme accuracy. Additional cylinders for 9 x 19 mm Luger ammunition are available as options, providing the ability to use cheaper ammunition for extensive training. All MR-73s have hand-assembled and adjusted actions, resulting in very good to extreme accuracy and high unit price. The reliability and service life of the MR-73s, combined with the match-grade accuracy also brings it to the world's best service handguns class, along with the SIG P-210.

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