Bipod Operations

The bipod assembly is used to fire from the prone position. The shoulder rest on the buttstock provides support for the weapon when fired in the bipod mode. The bipod group is held in place between the front sight and flash suppressor.

a. To lower a bipod leg, the gunner pulls it to the rear (compressing the lock spring) and rotates it downward (Figure 2-22). The leg automatically locks when in the down position. To return the legs up, the gunner pulls down on the legs and rotates upward.

Figure 2-21. Attachment of the T&E mechanism.
Figure 2-22. Lowering of the bipod.

b. To extend a bipod leg, the gunner pulls down on the foot. The bipod leg plunger engages a notch in the bipod leg extension and holds it in the desired position. To shorten the bipod leg, the gunner depresses the bipod leg plunger and pushes up on the bipod foot (Figure 2-23).

Figure 2-23. Adjustment of the bipod leg extension.

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