Before installing the battery cap, inspect the threads on battery housing and battery cap to ensure that they are free of moisture and dirt. Ensure the O-ring in the battery cap is present. Failure to do so could result in loss of electrical power and shorten battery life. Tighten the battery cap by hand. Using tools to tighten the battery cap could damage the equipment.

c. Reinstall the battery cap (1) by holding the rotary reticle illumination switch (3) stationary turning clockwise until snug. Tighten by hand only.

d. Open the rear lens cover (4). Turn the rotary reticle illumination switch (3) and look through rear lens. Verify that the reticle is illuminated. If not, replace the battery. When finished, turn the rotary switch to the OFF position, and then replace the rear lens cover (Figure G-37).

Rotary reticle illumination switch turns in either direction with no stop

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