Do not attempt to remove the handguard retaining pin completely It is a captured pin

d. Removing the Buttstock and Buffer Assembly Group. To remove the buttstock and buffer assembly (Figure 1-16, page 1-15), use a cartridge or the spring guide rod to push the lowermost retaining pin on the rear of the receiver to the left. It is a captured pin; it is not removable. Remove the buttstock and shoulder assembly by pulling them rearward, while supporting the trigger mechanism.

Figure 1-16. Removal of the buttstock and buffer assembly.

e. Removing the Trigger Mechanism Group. After the release of the support, the trigger mechanism will automatically be removed because the lowermost retaining pin holds it on.

f. Removing the Gas Cylinder Group. To remove the gas cylinder from the receiver (Figure 1-17), grasp the gas cylinder at the top of the bipod legs, turn it to the left or right to release the locking spring, and then pull it away from receiver.

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