Do Not Interchange The Barrel Assembly Or The Bolt Assembly From One Weapon To Another If You Do So It May Result In Death Or Injury

Figure 2-1. M60 machine gun, bipod- and tripod-mounted.

Ammunition 7.62-mm ball, tracer, armor-piercing, blank, dummy.

Armor-piercing is not authorized for training.

Tracer burnout 900 meters

Length of the M60 43.5 inches

Weight of the M60 23 pounds

Weight of tripod mount M122 with traversing and elevating mechanism and pintle 16 pounds

Maximum range 3,725 meters

Maximum effective range 1,100 meters with tripod and T&E


Tripod 1,100 meters

Bipod 800 meters


Tripod 800 meters

Bipod 600 meters

Maximum extent of grazing fire obtainable over level or uniformly sloping terrain 600 meters

Height of the M60 on tripod mount M122 16.5 inches

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