Do not store the ANPAQ with batteries installed

(2) Dismounting Procedures. Loosen the mounting knob on the left side of the bracket, then lift up on the sight to remove it from the M240B machine gun.

(a) Adjust the bore light, if necessary. Move the target to a distance of 2 meters. Mark the location of the laser dot. Slowly rotate the bore light one half turn. Note the new location of the laser dot. Adjust the windage and elevation until the laser dot moves halfway back to its original location. Continue the procedure until the laser dot remains stationary (or spins upon itself within 1 centimeter) when the bore light is rotated. Move the target to a distance of 10 meters and recheck the boresight.

(b) Boresight the AN/PAQ-4 to the weapon. Select the target (boresight offset) for the appropriate weapon and the AN/PAQ-4. Position the weapon so the bore light strikes the small dot on the boresight target. Zero the AN/PAQ-4 by turning both windage and elevation knobs (for the pointer and illuminator) fully clockwise until they stop. Rotate counterclockwise three turns and align the white dot on the adjuster with the center of the front adjuster flange (Figure G-9).

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