Figure Eight major groups

a. Removing the Operating Rod Group. The operating rod group (Figure 1-10), operating rod spring, slide assembly, piston assembly, and bolt assembly consists of the spring guide rod.

(1) To remove the operating rod, pull the upper retaining pin at the rear of the receiver to the left. Allow the buttstock to pivot downward and place it on a surface to support the weapon for disassembly.

(2) To release the operating rod assembly from the positioning grooves inside the receiver, hold the weapon with one hand on the buttstock assembly. Use the thumb of the other hand to push in and upward on the rear of the operating rod assembly.

(3) Pull the operating rod and spring from the receiver group and separate the parts.

(4) Hold the buttstock assembly with your left hand to stabilize the weapon. With your right hand, pull the cocking handle to the rear to lock the bolt. Return the cocking handle to the forward position. Place a finger on the face of the bolt and push until your finger makes contact with the bridge at the end of the receiver. This leaves the piston, slide, and bolt assemblies exposed.

(5) Hold the slide assembly while pulling the moving parts out the rear of the receiver. This leaves the piston, slide, and bolt assemblies exposed.

Figure 1-10. Removal of the operating rod group.

(6) To separate the operating rod group (Figure 1-11), hold the piston assembly in one hand, place your other hand on the bolt assembly, and rotate the bolt to disengage it bolt from the slide assembly. Remove the firing pin spring from the firing pin, but be careful not to break the spring. If the spring sticks, rotate it clockwise to free it. The weapon will function without the spring, but this weakens the firing pin action. To separate the slide assembly from the piston, press the retaining pin at the rear of the slide assembly to the left and lift the slide assembly.

b. Removing the Barrel Group. The barrel group consists of barrel, heat shield, flash suppressor, front sight, gas regulator, and gas regulator collar. The following steps correspond to the callouts in Figure 1-12, page 1-14.

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