Figure G Mounting the Anpeqa to the M machine gun

c. M240B Machine Gun.

(1) Mount the AN/PEQ-2A 1 on the top cover rail (see arrow) using the AN/PEQ-2A bracket adapter and a standard rail grabber. The unit armorer preassembles the rail grabber and the bracket adapter.

(2) Mount the bracket adapter to the AN/PEQ-2A using the thumbscrew on the AN/PEQ-2A.

(3) Loosen the clamping knob until the rail grabber has sufficient space to fit over the top cover rail. Tighten the clamping knob until two clicks are heard.

(4) Place the AN/PEQ-2A at a position on the rail that is the most convenient for the operator. If however the AN/PEQ-2A is removed from the rail, the operator must take note of the position at which the device was zeroed, and then return the device to the same position to ensure the zero is retained.

(5) Install the remote switch in a convenient location using the provided cable hangers (Figure G-20).

Crew Served Maachine Guns

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