Fire Commands

The standard fire commands are used as means of control during preliminary, basic, and advanced gunnery. The fire command must be explained to the gunner. The elements are given (as appropriate) before each dry-fire or live-fire exercise. The gunner takes action as directed and repeats each element as it is announced. (For a detailed explanation of fire commands, see Chapter 5.) When using the basic 10-meter range target, the fire command elements are as follows:

a. Alert. The alert is given as "Fire mission." Upon hearing the alert, the gunner loads his weapon and places the safety on "F".

b. Direction. Direction is given as FRONT since the targets appear to the gunner's front on the basic range.

c. Description. Description is given as PASTER NUMBER (pasters 1 through 8 as appropriate), at which time the gunner lays his weapon on the announced paster.

d. Range. The elevation on the rear sight assembly is always used on the basic range. This is announced as FIVE HUNDRED or SEVEN HUNDRED, at which time the gunner must ensure that his rear sight assembly has the correct elevation setting.

e. Method of Fire. Firing on the basic range is at a point target, so the method of fire is announced as FIXED. The gunner fires either single rounds or bursts at a rate slower than the sustained rate; therefore, the rate-of-fire element is omitted.

f. Command to Open Fire. This is announced as AT MY COMMAND. When the gunner is ready, he announces "Up." When all gunners are ready to fire, the command FIRE is given.

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