Multipurpose Machine Gun Range Layout

The multipurpose machine gun range is used for conducting the 10-meter course as well as transition day, night, and integrated NBC firing. The firing area has 10 lanes. (Detailed setup and target configurations are described in TC 25-8. The layout is shown in Figure 4-12.) Personnel required for conducting the 10-meter range, as well as the transition firing, are the same, and they should perform the same duties for each training period. Local policy may dictate personnel requirements. The following are the minimum required personnel: OIC, NCOIC, safety officer or NCO, ammunition NCO, tower operator, lane NCOs, trainer and assistant gunners, or IAW TC 25-8. All personnel must adhere to safety rules IAW AR 385-63, local regulations, and Appendix D.

Meter Machine Gun Range
Figure 4-12. Multipurpose machine gun range layout.

NOTE: Targets beyond 800 meters are to be used with a machine gun optic and are not to be used during qualification without a machine gun optic.

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