Placement Into Action Tripod

The leader commands and signals MACHINE GUN TO BE MOUNTED HERE, FRONT, ACTION. (Figure 4-20.)



Crew Served Machine Guns
Figure 4-20. Placing the machine gun into action.

a. Upon the command ACTION, the ammunition bearer stands, holds the tripod with his right hand, and moves forward to the position. He kneels on his right knee and rests the shoes of the rear tripod legs on the ground, with the mount in a vertical position. Steadying the mount with his right hand near the tripod head, he raises the front leg with his left hand. He grasps the right shoe with his right hand and the left shoe with is left hand, and raises the tripod chest high. He separates the tripod legs with a quick jerk. Ensuring that the sleeve latch engages the sleeve, he places the tripod on the ground with the front leg pointing in the direction of fire. He rises to his feet and stamps the rear shoes into the ground. He then unslings his bandoleers and places them on line with the front leg of the tripod, one step to the left. He moves 10 meters to the left of the position, unslings his rifle, lies prone, provides security, and prepares to fire into the target area.

b. The assistant gunner times his movements and arrives at the position as the ammunition bearer leaves. He places the spare barrel case (zippered side towards the tripod) parallel to and on line with the spot where the muzzle of the machine gun will be when it is mounted. He lies on his left side, with his hip near the left tripod shoe. He unzips the spare barrel case and removes the spare barrel, mounting equipment necessary to mount the machine gun. He places the spare barrel on the spare barrel case with the muzzle forward.

c. The gunner times his movements and arrives at the position as the assistant gunner assumes the prone position. He stands, holds the carrying handle in his left hand and the stock in his right hand, and raises the gun to the carrying position (muzzle to the front). He mounts the machine gun on the tripod. He then positions the carrying handle to the right so it will not interfere with aiming and firing, raises the rear sight assembly, and lies prone.

d. The assistant gunner assists the gunner in mounting the machine gun to the tripod. They ensure that both the pintle and traversing and elevating mechanism are securely locked in place and working properly.

e. The gunner places the safety on "F", pulls the bolt to the rear, places the safety on "S", and returns the cocking handle to the forward position. The assistant gunner places the first round of ammunition in the tray groove and supports the belt, while the gunner closes the cover. The gunner takes the correct position and grip, places the safety on "F", and reports UP. The assistant gunner signals READY to the squad leader.

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