Vehicular Mount

The standard vehicular mount for the M60 machine gun is the M4 pedestal mount used on the HMMWV. One component of the pedestal mount, the M142 machine-gun mount, (which serves as a cradle for the weapon), is also adaptable to other vehicles (Figure 2-24).

a. To mount the weapon, the gunner locks the platform in the horizontal position by inserting the travel-lock pin into the travel lock. He places the front mounting pin (in the forearm assembly) into the front mounting lug. He lowers the receiver so that the rear locating pin snaps into the platform latch.

b. To dismount the weapon, the gunner ensures that the travel lock is engaged (holding the platform in a horizontal position). He grasps the carrying handle with one hand and depresses the platform latch with the other. He raises the rear of the weapon slightly and lifts it from the mount.

Figure 2-24. M60 mounted on a HMMWV.

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