When using CLP no other type cleaner can be used Never mix CLP with RBC or LSA

(1) Clear and disassemble the weapon.

(2) Clean the bore and chamber using CLP and fresh swabs.

(3) Clean the gas regulator with the special tool (scraper). Remove all carbon dust. Do not use CLP on the collar, gas block, or body.

Crew Served Maachine Guns
Figure 1-19. Cleaning of the gas vent hole.

(b) Clean the central hole with the appropriate part of the scraper by turning it clockwise and pushing it inward toward the bottom of the housing (Figure 1-20).

Figure 1-20. Cleaning of the central hole.

(c) Use the protruding tips of the scraper to clean the two grooves of the body (Figure 1-21).

(4) Clean the gas cylinder and piston with the special tool (scraper). Do not use CLP on the gas cylinder or piston.

(a) Clean the front interior of the gas cylinder (repositioned in receiver with bipod in place) by inserting and turning the flat side of the scraper in a 360-degree circular motion (Figure 1-22).

(b) Clean the internal grooves of the front side of the gas cylinder the same as, except insert the scraper farther into the gas cylinder (Figure 1-22).

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