Before installing Lasergrips please read the entire manual

Failure to follow these instructions and procedures may result in injury or death.

• Always follow firearms safety rules as outlined by the firearms manufacturer.

• Do not point the laser beam at eyes. Permanent eye damage can result.

• Keep this and all firearm related products locked and secured from children or other unauthorized users.

Crimson Trace 210

1. Make sure firearm is unloaded. Remove cylinder and double check that chamber is empty.

2. Remove existing grips.

3. Place two (2) batteries in left side Lasergrip panel with positive (+) side up.

4. Place ears of battery cover into recesses and snap battery cover into place.

5. Left side panel installs first. Because of the wide production variances of gun frames, these grips feature an adjustment set screw for positive fit. It is located on top of the diode housing, forward of the elevation adjustment screw.

6. Place the left side panel in place and check for fit. The grip should fit securely without any movement. If the grip feels loose, turn the adjustment set screw 1/2 turn counterclockwise.

7. Repeat step 6 until you are satisfied with the fit of the left side panel.

8. Secure Lasergrips on revolver using included screw.

9. Attach laser "Danger" sticker to outside of revolver.

10. Ensure that master ON/OFF switch is in "ON" (forward) position.

11. Confirm that laser and iron sights are in alignment. Lasergrips are sighted-in at the factory, but can be fine-tuned for windage and elevation.


Lasergrips are activated with a pressure pad, which is located on the left side grip. With a normal shooting grip, your right fingertip will naturally hit the pressure pad.

A master ON/OFF switch is also provided in the left panel to turn the laser OFF. The laser should be left in the "ON" position under most circumstances. Turning the master switch "OFF" will NOT increase battery life.

Use caution when activating the laser to avoid direct eye exposure, which can result in permanent eye damage. Follow all precautions as outlined by the firearms manufacturer. Keep this and all firearm related products locked and secured from children or other unauthorized users.

Lasergrips are pre-sighted at the factory for 50ft. Many times no further adjustments are required. Lasergrips are fully adjustable for windage and elevation if further adjustments are desired. A good starting point is to align the laser with your fixed sights (fig. 1)

A two-screw alignment system is used to adjust for windage and elevation. The adjustment screws are located just behind the laser aperture. Place the included allen wrenches into the adjustment screws. To move the laser to the left turn the windage screw clockwise. To move the laser up, turn the elevation screw clockwise.

beam lined up with proper sight picture beam moved to line up with impact point

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