DO NOT overturn adjustment screws A little adjustment goes a long way Rarely is more than one complete turn required

Start by tuning the beam to line up with your fixed sights at the desired distance. Most people sight in their laser at between 20 and 50 feet. However, because of the small amount of mechanical offset between the laser and the bore, the actual change in point-of-impact from these distances is very small.

Further adjustment can be made at the range to determine where your pistol impacts in relation to its fixed sights. The laser should be moved to the actual impact point of the bullet. (fig. 2)

Occasionally, one of the adjustment screws will turn but not adjust the beam. If this happens, turn the opposite adjustment screw (i.e. windage screw if the elevation is stuck). This normally will free up the adjustment mechanism. To finish adjustment, turn the screw that was not rotating first, then complete the other adjustment.

Lasergrips can be removed from the pistol for maintenance and cleaning without losing "zero".

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