Lasergrips require minimal attention and are designed to resist most common firearms chemicals and lubricants. However, excessive exposure to these chemicals can be detrimental. To ensure the safe and effective operation of your Lasergrips:

• Remove Lasergrips before cleaning gun.

• Do not use pressurized or compressed air on Lasergrips.

• Do not immerse Lasergrips in cleaning fluid or lubricate firearm excessively. A pistol that has too much oil will foul the lens of the laser and create an unfocused beam. This can be easily cleaned and causes no permanent damage.

• Do not allow cleaning solution to enter lens area.

• Do not allow solvents to contact your grips that contain: VOCs or TCE such as: carb/brake cleaner, acetone, MEK, gasoline. Grip damage will result.

After extensive shooting, you may notice a degradation of beam quality or "beam spread". This is the result of fouling on the lens surface. This is normal and can be easily cleaned with the included cleaning tools or a small cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol or window cleaner. Dry the lens with a clean swab. When cleaning the lens do not touch lens with any sharp objects.

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