Introduction To Breakaction Muzzleloaders

Break-Action design muzzleloaders are so described due to the fact that the barrel and receiver are hinged. When the breeching lever is depressed, the action will hinge open in a breaking motion. Break-Action muzzleloaders are considered In-Line rifles due to the fact that the ignition source (#209 shotgun primer) is located directly behind the powder charge. By contrast, with Sidelock design muzzleloaders the ignition source is positioned to the side of the propellant charge.

CVA has two series of Break-Action In-Lines, the Optima Pro 209 Magnum and the Optima 209 Magnum. Optima Pro rifles are CVA's top of the line Break-Action design In-Lines and feature many upgrades including metal fiber optic sights and 29" fluted magnum barrels. Optima series rifles are CVA's more basic Break-Actions featuring 26'' non-fluted barrels, and Illuminatorâ„¢ Fiber Optic sights. Both rifles have metal barrel thimbles, ventilated recoil pads, and solid stocks as standard features. Both models also come with a cocking spur installed.

All CVA Break-Action In-Lines are capable of handling a "magnum" powder charge of up to 150-grains when using pelletized powder (typically charges of loose powder exceeding 110 grains by volume will not fully burn in the barrel). Such "magnum" loads should never be fired in other CVA InLines that do not feature the one-piece Monoblock barrel design.

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