Bgetting Started

1. Safety First - Verify gun is unloaded. (See J-2)

2. Remove gun and supplied tools from box.

3. Check all mechanical functions.

4. Remove breech plug, using provided tools. Apply CVA breech plug/nipple grease or high temperature anti-seize compound to breech plug threads.

5. Clean shipping grease from inside and outside of barrel.

6. Replace breech plug until snug (do not overtighten or apply any torque).

7. Read and study information booklet (warranty manual).

8. Understand all terminology and procedures prior to loading or firing.

9. Get any and all questions answered prior to use of your rifle.

For Safety: CVA encourages that you take a certified hunter's safety course before using this muzzleloader or any other firearm. Consult your local Game & Fish authorities, The National Muzzleloading Rifle Association or your local sporting goods dealer for information on the courses available.

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