Specific Cautions For Safe Use Of Cva Inline Muzzleloading Firearms

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR FIREARM SAFETY! As a gun owner, you accept a set of demanding responsibilities. At all times handle your muzzle-loader with intense respect for its firepower and potential danger. Read and understand the functions and terminology explained in this book before attempting to use your CVA muzzleloader.

1. When selecting powder loads be sure to use the correct loading data (Section I) for your particular model of CVA In-Line.

2. "Magnum" loads for CVA in-lines are safe only when using pelletized powder. "Magnum" loads of loose blackpowder or Pyrodex are inefficient and are not recommended. All CVA Break-Action In-Line Muzzle-loading models are approved for use with these magnum loads. (pelletized powder loads in excess of 100 grains.)

3. Always follow recommended loading data when selecting bullet type and weight. When using saboted bullets and pelletized powder, maximum bullet weight should not exceed 300 grains. With loose powder loads, conical lead bullets should never exceed 400 grains. Heavier bullets may produce dangerously high pressure levels, possibly resulting in explosion of the gun and severe injury to the shooter and bystanders.

4. Always use quality #209 Primers as the ignition source when firing pelletized powder or "magnum" loads. The extra fire to the charge ensures efficient burn of the entire charge.

5. PowerBeltâ„¢ Bullets or saboted bullets are recommended when using pelletized powder. Both provide the tight gas seal necessary for efficient burn of the entire pellet charge.

6. For maximum accuracy when shooting saboted bullets or older lubricated lead bullets, the barrel must be cleaned of powder fouling and plastic/lubrication residue after each shot. PowerBeltâ„¢ Bullets do not require cleaning after every shot. When using PowerBeltâ„¢ Bullets, you can clean every 4 to 5 shots without compromising accuracy.

7. Round ball and patch loads are not recommended for CVA Break-Action In-Line rifles. The fast rate of rifling twist (1:28) associated with CVA Break-Action In-Lines may not provide optimum accuracy when using patched round ball loads.

8. Never use modern smokeless powder, or any mix of smokeless powder, in muzzleloaders. Such improper loading of the rifle may result in an explosion of the gun, causing severe injury or death to the shooter and by-standers.

9. Never use a "Poly Patch" in any CVA rifle.

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