Basic Accessories For A Muzzleloader


Propellant - Blackpowder or an approved synthetic substitute such as

Pyrodex, Triple 7, Clean Shot or Clear Shot. NEVER USE ANY AMOUNT


Projectile - conical bullet, saboted bullet, or belted bullet.

Ignition Source - Modern # 209 Primer.

Powder Flask - To transport and dispense powder (not required with the use of pelletized powder)

Powder Measure - To measure correct powder charge (not required with the use of pelletized powder)

Bullet Starter - To "start" bullet down the barrel

Capper - To carry and dispense # 209 primers

Preloaders - To hold premeasured powder charge and bullet for quick reloading.

2. CLEANING ACCESSORIES Solvent and/or Cleaning solution Patches - For cleaning inside of barrel

Breech Plug Wrench - For removing breech plug (included with the purchase of all CVA in-line muzzleloaders)

Patch Jag - Retains cleaning patch on end of ramrod.

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