LOADER. The use of any amount of smokeless powder in a muzzleloader will create dangerously high pressures upon ignition, may result in severe injury or death to the shooter and/or bystanders, and will void the warranty. Only six types of propellants are acceptable for use in CVA muzzleloading rifles.

The first type is BLACKPOWDER. (IMPORTANT: The term "blackpowder" refers to the formulation of the propellant, not the color. Many of the smokeless propellants manufactured for modern cartridges or shotgun shells are also black in color, but will create extremely dangerous pressures in the muzzleloading barrels.)


FFG (Commonly called Double "F") This is a very popular powder for the larger (.45 to .58 caliber rifles). It is also used for 12, 16 and 20 gauge muzzleloading shotguns. While it is not considered a pistol powder, it is sometimes used in very large caliber single shot pistols.

FFFG (Commonly called Triple "F") It is used in all percussion revolvers, most single shot pistols, and most of the smaller (under .45 caliber) rifles.

The second type of propellant acceptable for use in CVA muzzleloading firearms is PYRODEX. Pyrodex is a propellant designed for use in percussion rifles, pistols and shotguns found to be in good shooting condition by a competent gunsmith. Pyrodex relates closely to blackpowder on a volume to volume basis, but not the weight of the charge. In other words, a scoop type measure set to dispense 100 grains of blackpowder will dispense roughly 72 grains of Pyrodex (Pyrodex is bulkier). This lighter charge weight of Pyrodex will fill the measure and provide a charge which is ballis-tically similar to 100 grains of blackpowder of the appropriate granulation. Used in this manner, Pyrodex will yield approximately the same velocities and pressures as blackpowder. Pyrodex is currently offered in two granulations of loose powder. These types and their uses are listed below:

PYRODEX RS (rifle & shotgun) Designed for use in all calibers of percussion muzzleloading rifles and shotguns. Pyrodex Select has similar loading characteristics to RS. PYRODEX P (pistol powder) Designed for use in percussion muzzleloading pistols and cap & ball revolvers. Also used in .32 and .36 caliber rifles.

PYRODEX PELLETS Pyrodex Pellets are a premeasured and preformed version of loose Pyrodex powder. Pyrodex Pellets are available for a variety of calibers and may be combined into multiple pellet loads to create several different grain-equivalent loads. The other four brands of approved blackpowder substitutes are Clean Shot Powder & Clean Shot Pellets, Clear Shot Powder, Pioneer Powder & Pioneer Powder Stix, and Triple 7 Powder & Triple 7 Pellets. Note: Please refer to powder manufacturer's written instructions, for the specific propellent you are using, or contact the customer service/technical department listed on the product label for loading questions.

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