I. POWERBELT™ BULLETS --PowerBelt™ Bullets are conical projectiles with a plastic base. Like sabots, the PowerBelt™ Bullet's patented snap-on base creates a perfect gas seal, providing consistent pressures and un-surpassed accuracy. But unlike sabots, PowerBelt™ Bullets are easy to load and do not require cleaning after every shot. And they are full caliber sized, so you get the most knock down power possible out of a muzzleloader. PowerBelt™ Bullets are available in .45, .50, and .54 calibers, copper coated or pure lead, with hollow points or AeroTips, and in a variety of grain weights. They are the #1 selling muzzleloading bullet on the market and the only bullet recommend for CVA in-line rifles. ( Figure 1-A)

2. CONICAL BULLETS—such as the CVA Buckslayer Bullet and others of this type provide acceptable accuracy in all CVA firearms as well as increased knock down power desired by hunters. These projectiles are best suited for use in medium to fast twist rifling barrels which stabilize the bullet more rapidly. (Figure 1-B)

3. SABOTED BULLETS—Modern sabots from various manufacturers have been tested and provide acceptable accuracy in CVA firearms when complying with the sabot manufacturer's recommendations for usage. Caution: Do not use a saboted bullet weighing more than 300 grains. (Figure 1-C)

Note: Patched round balls are not recommended for use in CVA in-lines. This is because the twist rate is too fast to stabilize a round ball correctly, which will result in very poor accuracy.

Loads for conical bullets and sabots should not exceed the maximum load

A mi

Figure 1-A

recommended in Table 1.

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