Loading And Shooting Cva Inline Muzzleloaders

1. Wear shatterproof shooting glasses and ear plugs or muffs to protect yourself from sparks, bits of fragmented caps, and hearing loss.

2. Verify the rifle is not loaded.

a.Unscrew the jag end and extend to cleaning position by continuing to unscrew until the jag turns free and slides outward to engage sec ond set of threads. Continue turning in same direction until threads engage. Loading rod is fully extended when jag stops turning with normal pressure applied. b. Place ramrod (with jag fully extended) down the barrel to breech plug and observe that the rod is flush with the muzzle.

3. Check to make sure that breech plug is snugly screwed into place. Do not overtighten. Note: Make sure anti-sieze or breech plug grease has been applied to all threads of the breech plug.

4. Clean all oil and grease from barrel interior.

5. With the rifle pointed in a safe direction, place a 209 primer into the breech plug.

6. Cock hammer to fire a modern 209 primer to insure bore and breech plug are dry of solvent or moisture. Repeat minimum of three (3) times. NEVER DRY FIRE ANY CVA RIFLE. DOING SO WILL DAMAGE FIRING PIN AND TRANSFER BAR AND WILL NOT BE COVERED UNDER WARRANTY.


8. If using powder, pour powder from flask into a powder measure that is set for correct powder charge. (See Figure 2). Skip to step 9 if using pelletized powder.

9. With the muzzle pointed "up" and no part of your body extended over the gun, pour a measured charge or drop the correct number of pellets down the barrel. (See suitable charges -Table 1, Page 8) (See Figure 3).

Figure 2 Figure 3

10. If using loose powder, slap side of barrel in front of receiver. This will help insure that powder will fully enter the breech.

11. For Lubricated Bullets, PowerBeltâ„¢ Bullet or Saboted Bullet:

a.Make sure bullet is lubricated. PowerBeltâ„¢ Bullets and saboted bullets should require no additional lubrication.

b.Start the projectile into the bore with your fingers, making sure it is centered.

c. Use short end of bullet starter to press bullet just into muzzle. (See Figure 4).

12. Use longer end of ball starter to move projectile about six inches down the bore. (See Figure 4).

13. With ramrod, push projectile down on top of powder, firmly, but without crushing the powder or pellets.(See Figure 5). IMPORTANT: Be sure projectile is seated firmly against powder. No air space should exist between projectile and powder.


DIRECTION and hammer in the Fi9ure4

forward/rested position, place a 209 primer into the breech plug. THE GUN IS NOW LOADED.(See Figure 6).

Figure 5

Figure 6

Figure 5

Figure 6

15. Aim at target and cock the hammer. YOU ARE NOW READY TO FIRE.

16. Squeeze trigger to fire.

17. After firing, wait one minute to reload. This allows all remaining sparks in barrel to burn out prior to reloading.

18. If a misfire or failure to fire occurs, wait at least one minute with the gun pointed at the target.

a.Install a new 209 primer in the breech plug. Be certain of the target and fire.

b. Never attempt to shoot out a projectile which is not firmly seated against powder charge. The ball and powder charge should be removed using a ball puller. See Section O, Pulling A Charge.

c. Go back to Step 1 and repeat, being sure bore and breech plug are clean and free of obstructions and moisture.

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