Cleaning the Barrel Bore and the Cartridge Chamber

If the firearm has not been fired or if only a few cartridges have been fired, clean the barrel bore and cartridge chamber by a clean patch attached to a cleaning rod. Repeat, changing patches, until the last patch comes out clean.

When the barrel bore is very dirty, apply a gun cleaning solution using a cleaning brush. Let the solvent act for about 10 minutes (this time may vary depending on the solvent agent being used). Then thoroughly scrub out the barrel bore. Subsequently, dry the barrel bore and cartridge chamber with a clean patch and check that all powder residues or fouling have been removed. If necessary repeat this procedure.

The cleaning rod and the brush must be inserted into the barrel bore from the chamber, to prevent wear or damage to the muzzle. Pass the brush all the way through the barrel bore before reversing the movement. If you try to change directions with the brush in the barrel, the brush could stick.

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  • celendine
    What cleaning rod for cz 452 military trainer?
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