Trigger Adjustment

The trigger pull adjustment for the CZ 452 ZKM is carried out after removal of the stock using the adjusting nut (Fig. 5). CZ 453 enables adjusting the trigger pull and the trigger travel length before and after discharge (Fig. 6). The adjustment can be performed after removing the stock using the set screws A (trigger pull), B (trigger travel before) and C (trigger travel after discharge).

If the rifle is equipped with a set-trigger, the adjustment of the set-trigger is carried out using the screw located in front of the trigger (Fig. 7). For safety reasons do not adjust the set-trigger travel too short, as the rifle with an activated set-trigger is very sensitive to shock, and during handling the rifle could unintentionally discharge. The safety of the set-trigger adjustment can be checked with the rifle unloaded by repeated opening and closing of the bolt combined with moving of the safety to its "ON" and "OFF" positions. The spontaneous release of the trigger must not occur.


The set-trigger can be removed from the rifle without impairing the function or adjustment of the conventional trigger.


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