Disassembly of the Bolt

1. Remove the bolt from the receiver as previously described.

2. Keeping the firm grip of the bolt body rotate the bolt handle to the right (in the same manner as if closing the bolt in the firearm). The main spring is thus released.

3. Place the striker spring support against a suitable solid object (Fig. 9) and push it a little way into the bolt body. At the same time pulling the safety up and out.

4. After detaching the safety, carefully release the bolt while holding the striker spring support. Be very careful when doing this disassembly procedure as the spring support is under main spring tension and its ejection could result in the loss of this part, or could cause an injury.


Do not strip your firearm any further. If you assume that your firearm requires adjustment or repair, entrust this work to a competent gunsmith in a specialized workshop!

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