Loading of the Rifle

ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE RIFLE IS POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION WHEN LOADING! Insert a loaded magazine into the rifle until it is securely caught by the magazine catch.

Grip the rifle with the left hand by its fore-end, place the buttplate against your body and grip the bolt handle with the other hand. Open the bolt by raising the bolt handle and pulling it to the rear to its stop. Then push the bolt vigorously to its forward position again and by rotating the bolt handle in a downward direction close the bolt action. This procedure inserts the cartridge into the cartridge chamber and cocks the striker mechanism. The rifle is now ready to fire. If you do not intend to fire immediately ensure the firearm safety as described further in the section Safety and its Operation.

When using a single-shot adapter, keep it inserted in the rifle, open the bolt and place the cartridge on the follower. Further proceed in the same manner as when employing the magazine. The single-shot adapter is intended for the highest accuracy levels of shooting as it protects the bullets against damage during the feeding of cartridges.

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