Troubleshooting Causes And Remedies

If your pistol is properly used and maintained, malfunctions will rarely occur. However, if such a situation does occur, please observe the following instructions.

CAUTION - If a malfunction occurs, the possibility of unintentional discharge is substantially increased. For this reason, carefully observe the Safety Instructions already mentioned above. Keep the pistol pointed in a safe direction, do not turn the pistol against your body or anyone else's! Do not place your hands in front of the barrel! If you use your pistol for self defence, or in law enforcement, please acquire so-called "dummy cartridges" and practice fast clearing of malfunctions as described below.


Possible Cause


A round has not been fed into the chamber or the slide has not fully locked with the barrel.

Magazine is not fully inserted or is damaged. The pistol or cartridges are fouled (dirty) or too heavily greased.

The use of unsuitable cartridges

Insert magazine properly or change magazine. Clean the pistol and cartridges and wipe them dry or as case may be slightly lubricate.

Use only recommended ammunition


Defective cartridge

Firing pin hole fouled (dirty) or unproper lubrication agent used under low temperatures conditions.

Pull the trigger again. If a discharge is not initiated, follow the Safety Instructions according to point 19. Disassemble and clean the firing pin or use a low temperature lubricant.

A shot sounds "weak" combined with failure to eject the cartridge case.

The primer has been activated but no powder load was inside the cartridge case.

Unload the pistol and check that the bullet is not lodged in the barrel. A subsequent shot could cause damage to the barrel.

The spent case has not been ejected.

Cartridge chamber, extractor or ammunition dirty, or unsuitable lubricant in low temperature environment.

Clean and wipe the pistol dry or lubricate lightly with a suitable agent. Use new and clean ammunition.

If you cannot clear away any malfunction in the manner described above, entrust the pistol to a competent gunsmith for inspection and repair.



Sear Housing Parts List

1 Frame

2 Slide Stop

3 Slide Stop Spring

4 Slide Stop Spring Pin

5 Trigger

6 Trigger Pin

7 Trigger Bar

8 Trigger Spring

10 Ejector

11 Sear

12 Sear Spring

13 Sear Spring Pin

14 Firing Pin Block Lever

15 Firing Pin Block Lever Spring

16 Hammer

17 Disconnector

18 Hammer Pin

19 Hammer Pin Retaining Peg

20 Main Spring Strut

21 Main Spring

22 Main Spring Plug

23 Main Spring Plug Pin

24 Magazine Brake

25 Magazine Brake Pin

26 Grip Panel - Left

27 Grip Panel - Right

28 Grip Panel Screw (2x)

29 Safety

30 Safety Detent Plunger

31 Safety Detent Plunger Spring

32 Magazine Catch

33 Magazine Catch Spring

34 Trigger Bar Spring

35 Magazine Catch Spring Screw

36 Magazine Body

37 Magazine Base

38 Magazine Base Lock

39 Magazine Spring

40 Follower

41 Recoil Spring

42 Recoil Spring Guide

43 Barrel

44 Slide

45 Front Sight

46 Front Sight Pin

47 Loaded Chamber Indicator

48 Loaded Chamber Indicator Spring

49 Loaded Chamber Indicator Nut

50 Extractor

51 Extractor Pin

52 Extractor Spring

53 Rear Sight

54 Firing Pin

55 Firing Pin Spring

57 Firing Pin Roll Pin

58 Firing Pin Block Stop

59 Firing Pin Block Stop Spring

63 Recoil Spring Housing

64 Barrel Bushing

65 Barrel Stop Screw


The numbers marked with dash (-) are stated here for the purpose of conformity with the lists of other pistol parts only.

(S> CZ 97 -




.45 Auto (ACP)

Overall length






Width (depends on grip panel type)


~ 35

Weight with empty magazine



Barrel length



Sight radius



Magazine capacity



Trigger pull (DA)


max. 59

Trigger pull (SA)


15 - 25

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