Assembled Rifle Inspection

When inspecting assembled rifle it is necessary to check

- Function of the bolt

- Function of the trigger unit

- Correctness of the rear sight and front sight

- Fixing of the bayonet

- Function of the shoulder rest

Function of the bolt: On cocking the movement of parts and components must be smooth without any hitch or sticking with a considerable resistance of the return spring. The bolt when released must move vigorously in the forward direction, while the breech block carrier must run as far as its extreme front position and lean against the face of casing. When the empty magazine is inserted into the rifle then the bolt catch must intercept the bolt in its forward movement in the locked open position. Correctness of feeding, extracting and ejecting is verified by manual cycling of the bolt while using a magazine loaded with dummy cartridges. In this way also the function of the magazine and magazine catch is checked. The magazine catch lug must audibly snap in behind the projection at the rear edge near the magazine mouth. Without depressing the magazine catch the magazine shall not be free to be removed. After checking the bolt function the striker-hammer spring must not remain depressed (under tension).

Function of the trigger unit: Must be carried out with dummy cartridges only! Dry fire is not allowed! Shift the safety-selector lever to position „1" or „30" and repeatedly by hand insert dummy cartridge into the cartridge chamber. The striker-hammer must be released when the trigger is squeezed and striker-hammer impact on the firing pin must be clearly audible. If the safety-selector lever is set to the "Safety-On" position, i.e. downwards, the striker-hammer must not be released by squeezing the trigger. The safety-selector lever must manifest positive positioning accompanied by an audible click when desired position is reached. A certain force must be exerted for changing of safety-selector lever position.

Correctness of the rear sight and front sight: It is necessary to check whether the rear sight leaf has no lateral play and if it is not bent. If the rear sight locking piece is depressed then the rear sight slide shall move easily along the leaf and in all its positions must be forced down to the rear sight ramp by the force the rear sight spring. The locking piece lug must properly engage into all notches of the rear sight leaf. As to the front sight it is necessary to check whether the front sight is not damaged and whether zeroing lines are aligned and if the elevation setting is not displaced (this could be found out from the integrity red nitro-lacquer drop inside the front sight cover).

Fixing of the bayonet: The bayonet when fixed to the rifle must not wobble too much or move in the longitudinal direction.

Function of the shoulder rest: For the rifles in retractable shoulder rest version check whether shoulder rest is locked in the folded position. When the shoulder rest is unfolded it must be steady and must not wobble too much. After depressing the folding shoulder rest stud the shoulder rest unfolding and folding shall be light and smooth.

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