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Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It Wild Game Hunting

Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It is a goldmine of surefire techniques of hunting, cleaning, and cooking a game in the most traditional and appropriate of ways. The writer of this book, Haley Heathman, has literally poured in all her knowledge of hunting and cleaning a game learned from her Hunting Guide hubby and all those hunters she had the privilege of meeting, and cooking learned from working side by side with renown chefs at her job as a Yacht Stewardess. The book contains 6 unique chapters related to the hunting, cleaning, and cooking of 6 unique wild game species found in North America. All of these chapters have been written in utter simplicity without trivializing the importance of the subject and the credibility of the matter explaining it. Because of this, even a novice hunter can educate himself on all the proven methods of hunting the 6 species differently and carrying out all the rest of the steps like a pro. But this book is not only intended for the beginners. The expert hunters can also learn a lot of things, for example cooking a game, in mere days. The benefits of Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It, are further increased and augmented by 3 unavoidable bonuses, containing a cookbook from Tanorria Askew, 4 audio DVDs of 4 interviews with expert hunters, and an audio transcript of those. For anyone who wants to live the American tradition of hunting and help revive it, this book is surely a goldmine of knowledge. More here...

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Kill It, Clean It, Cook It, Eat It Wild Game Hunting

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I've really worked on the chapters in this book and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

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Tuneup Practice For Big Game Targets

I'm proud of thai shot proud of (he trophy, Hut this story is not about elk hunting, or hig game hunting ot any kind. I'his is a story about how you get the skill, I he riltr confidence, that makes such shots pay off when they are olfered, I have Lifted a dozen elk ami several times tliat number of deer, not tu mention other big gin me. Hut the preparation for the cross canyon shot at a hull elk ivas not gaiticd from hots at hip game, or even with a big game rifle. Practice for that shot was not with toy Model 71 .348 Winchester it waa with a Marlin Model 29 .22 caliber leier action, and with Murlui Model 322 caliber .222 Remington. The targetsY Columbiri ground squirrels. Sell's squirrel range with sunny slopes where striped ground squirrels play is also stroe terrain he shoots over in late fall at deer. Lilte conditions make good hunting practice for big game. CALL THEM SQUIRRELS, CHIPMUNKS, OR PESTS, THEY OFFER FINE PRACTICE FOR BIG GAME SHOOTING hum him there are lmnsl as nun...

Soviet Hunting Rifles

Soviet Hunting Rifle

Soviet Caliber .22 TOZ.-16 Holt Action Hunting Rifle. Soviet Caliber 22 TOZ-18 Holt Action Hunting Rifle with Scope. It is Box Magazine Fed. Soviet Caliber .22 TOZ-21 Semiautomatic Box Magazine Fed Hunting Rifle with Scope. Soviet Medved 9x54R semi-automatic hunting rifle scope and mount shown below can be used with the Medved.

Type K Mauser Hunting Rifle With Single Trigger And Hunting Sights

Mauser Hunting Rifle

MAUSER HUNTING RIFLE This Model varies from the previous ohes only in furniture an1 sights. Note that it is equipped with sling swivels for carrying sling and is stocked to the muzzle. This is an accepted feature in many fine European hunting rifles. Recent 615 Models are the same as this except for wider gas flange. Photos are from original Mauser records.

Can A Ruger Super Redhawk 454 Kill Big Game

454 Revolvers Redhawk

The massive Super Redhawk, in 480 Ruger and 454 Casull, is ideal for meeting the challenge of using a revolver to hunt big game. The six-shot cylinder capacity adds an extra measure of confidence. These potent revolvers are also popular among metallic silhouette shooters. The 454 also accepts 45 Colt cartridges. The new 480 Ruger cartridge offers approximately one-third more energy than the powerful 44 Magnum. It can stop big game reliably at typical handgun distances, with less recoil than the mighty 454 Casull. Strong extended frame and patented Integral Scope Mounting System in the wide top strap provide solid, reliable scope-mounting, making the Super Redhawk perfect for big-game hunting.

Commandments of Firearm Safety

He knows there is no place for horseplay in hunting, he learns and obeys the commandments of firearms safety and insists that his companions know and follow them too. Every hunter-whether novice or experienced outdoorsman should review these commandments before each hunting season to be sure that his gun handling, both at home and in the field, sets a good example for others.

Firearms Should Be Unloaded When Not In

Don't shoot unless you know exactly where your bullet is going to strike. Be sure of the bullet stop behind your target, even when dry-firing with an unloaded gun. If you are in the field hunting, do not fire at a movement or noise. Take the time to be absolutely certain of your target before you pull the trigger.

The Basic Rules Of Safe Firearms Handling

Don't shoot unless you know exactly where your bullet is going to strike. Be sure of the bullet stop behind your target, even when dry-firing with an unloaded firearm. If you are in the field hunting, do not fire at a movement or noise. Take the time to be absolutely certain of your target and what is beyond before you pull the trigger.

Caution Read Safety Instructions Section Keep Revolver Pointing In Safe Direction And Do Not Touch The Trigger

Before firing your Colt revolver, practice your stance, aim, rhythm and breathing for steady aim, with your revolver UNLOADED. You can also dry-fire your revolver to get the feel of the trigger action so that you can develop some shooting skills without ammunition. You should then practice firing on a range before going hunting or using your revolver for any other type of shooting.

Best Buy On The Market Today

A completely new departure in bolt action rifles . . . four locking lugs . . . shortest bolt travel . . . hinged floorplate on magazine permits loading from bottom. Chambered only for the powerful 7 x 61 Sharpe & Hart Cartridge. The new hunting rifle that hunters in-the-know use and recommend ONE MODEL ONE CALIBER ONE LOW PRICE ONLY 160.00.

Squeeze Out More Accuracy

The charts show some comparisons between the .30-378 and other .30s. Negatives Well, it does kick, even in a heavy rifle. For big game hunting at those hyper velocities I'd want a tough bullet such as the Barnes TSX. Factory ammunition is expensive. You could almost buy a Vanguard rifle for the same price as three boxes of ammunition ( 129 p box ). But if you want to get their fustest with the mostest the

General Rules for Use and Handling of Thompson Center Black Powder Muzzleloading Firearms

1 If you are unfamiliar with muzzleloading firearms seek professional instruction. Qualified organizations such as local gun clubs, The National Rifle Association, The National Muzzleloading Rifle Association and state Hunter Safety Programs offer approved courses which teach safe gun handling and proper hunting procedure. Those who are unfamiliar with muzzleloading firearms should seek guidance from an instructor who is qualified by one of these organizations.

Srt Series From Ncstar

The new Game Cleaning System from Hunter's Specialties helps hunters quickly field dress deer, antelope, bear, hogs, and other similar sized game. It contains a set of field dressing gloves and the new Butt Out 2 big game field-dressing tool. Also included are an economy

Buckhunter Pro Inline Rifle

Ardesa Blunderbuss

A powerful rifle of modern design for big game. This rifle features a double lock safety system fully adjustable rear sight, bead front sight and drilled and taped for scope mounts and fully adjustable single trigger. A special tool is included with each rifle for easy disassembly and cleaning. Stock available in Beech wood or composite.

Ruger Celebrates the th Anniversary of the Ruger and its Rotary Magazine

Nearly 40 years ago, Sturm, Ruger introduced a rimfire autoloading carbine that set a new standard for performance, reliability and accuracy. Built to the same big game rifle standards as the famous Ruger 44 Magnum Carbine, the Ruger 10 22 and its legendary rotary magazine represented a major advance in rimfire rifle design. A 1964 Ruger advertisement for the 10 22 boldly advertised, The 10 22 is no ordinary rifle - it had to be the best in every detail. Described as the ultimate in logical design, the 10 22 was destined to become one of the most popular autoloading rimfire rifles ever produced. Since its introduction in 1964, there have been over 4 million Ruger 10 22 Carbines produced.

Shotshell Reloading

You can also realize considerable cost reductions by purchasing primers in carton lots and powders in large kegs. For obvious reasons, the best time to buy shot and other components is just after the close of hunting season. Deer hunting with both slug and buckshot loads

Section Main Features

The three barrel gun, or Drilling, has long been popular in the European hunting fields because of its versatility. Your Colt Sauer Drilling has the lines and good pointing qualities of a fine upland game shotgun, with the additional advantage of having a high-powered rifle instantly at your disposal. It is available with a choice of two rifle calibers, as you can see from page 3 of this instruction manual, and both Drillings have the following features

Ruger Caliber Rimfire Pistols

Ruger Rimfire Competition Pistols

The Ruger 22 pistol has more than proven itself since its introduction over a half century ago. The original Ruger 22 pistol was appropriately named the Ruger Standard Model because today it is the standard by which all others are judged. The Mark II Standard Model is perfect for small-game hunting, plinking, or training.

Remington Model Rifle

The Sportmaster Model 512 Exploded View

The Remington Model 510 Target-master .22 rimfire bolt-action rifle introduced in 1939 was an inexpensive single-shot arm intended for informal target shooting and small game hunting. Chambered for .22 short, long, and long rifle cartridges, this rifle was also available in a smoothbore version for firing shot cartridges. It was produced chiefly in the 51 OA version with open rear sight, but was also offered in a 51 OP version with aperture rear sight at extra cost.

New Combination Gunin The Old Tradition

The three barrel gun, or Drilling, has long been popular in the European hunting fields because of its versatility. Your Colt* Sauer Drilling has the lines and good pointing qualities of afine upland game shotgun, with the additional advantage of having a high-powered rifle instantly at your disposal.

Sighting in the rifle

Browning M1919 Parts Diagram

Not drop sufficiently to exclude an effective shot over an additional distance of approximately 50 yards. (See Figure 6) A zero at 200 yards, therefore, represents an optimum compromise sight setting for any distance up to 250 yards, since the bullet will not deviate sufficiently from the point of aim to miss the vital areas of big game animals found in North America.

Firing And Sight Adjustment

M16a1 Rear Sight Adjustment

Before firing your Colt Single Action revolver, practice your stance, aim, rhythm and breathing for steady aim with your revolver UNLOADED. Practice firing on a range before going hunting or using your revolver for any other type of shooting. If you have a dual cylinder revolver learn to allow for the customary variation in point of bullet impact with different caliber cylinders installed, Different ammunition may also affect performance.

Ruger Red Label Overandunder Shotguns

Ruger Gauge Grouse

For over 25 years, Ruger has been producing high quality over-and-under shotguns that offer the unique combination of classic beauty and legendary Ruger reliability. Since the Red Label's introduction, a wide range of models has been added to meet the unique needs of game hunters and competition shooters alike. So, whether you hunt mallards, flush quail, or compete at skeet or sporting clays, there's a Ruger shotgun designed for your specific purpose.

Replacement of a firing pin

Such replacements are not difficult to make in the case of most automatic pistols, but are more difficult in some other types of arms. The author has had one such case involving a rifle. A game warden who was in a tree making a deer survey was shot by a hunter who mistook him for a bear. Upon discovering his mistake the hunter ran away. No bullet was recovered but a fired rifle shell was found in the vicinity of the shooting. While the firing pin impression was a good one, other markings, such as extractor marks, ejector marks, and breech-face marks, were not. The suspect's rifle was confiscated after considerable time had elapsed and the owner had had the firing pin replaced-a fact brought out by good detective work. Naturally the firing pin impressions on the evidence shell and the test shells fired in the laboratory with the new firing pin did not agree. Usually other markings of sufficiently good quality are present so

Caliber change retrofit table

The S 202 allows you to change between the caliber categories Mini and Medium and between the categories Magnum and Big Game. Dependent on the caliber combination the bolt and or magazine might also have to be replaced. Changing a barrel, i.e. a caliber change across the categories Mini-Medium and Magnum-Big Game is not possible. All information about the barrel contours available for the respective calibers and the required front stocks can be found in the price lits, the SAUER hunting catalogue or most conveniently on the SAUER homepage (

Maxi Balls For TC Firearms

.50 Caliber (370 grs.) A medium and big game bullet for .50 caliber rifles. Factory lubricated with T C Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter. .50 Caliber (460 grs.) A big game bullet for .50 caliber rifles. Now factory lubricated with T C Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter. .54 Caliber (365 grs.) A medium (deer-sized) and big game .54 caliber bullet. Factory lubricated with T C Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter. .58 Caliber (560 grs.) Maximum expansion in a heavy big game bullet. Now factory lubri cated with T C Natural Lube 1000 Plus Bore Butter.

What Replaces Anvil In Primer

Guide Handloading

If you can find any old loaded ammunition, the first thing to do is to tear it down rather than to fire it. These old black-powder numbers often are loaded with a coarse granulation of powder which has long since crumbled and cakcd into a solid mass. If the primers have not gone bad, accuracy will be terrible and recoil terrific if this caked-up charge of powder is used. About a year ago I had an opportunity to shoot a few rounds in the old Sharps Buffalo Gun in .50 120 550. Some of the original factory loadings by UMC were in perfect condition, but the breakdown test showed that the powder had caked solidly. A few handloads duplicating the original load were tried, and there was a vast difference in the recoil of the two different lots of ammunition. From an accuracy standpoint, the verdict is still in the air for of all the big-game rifles this author has ever tried, that old Sharps bull gun with the largest and longest cartridge ever manufactured in America was far too energetic on...

Cleaning Your Firearm

Make sure that the magazine and chamber of the firearm are empty. Before firing, check that the barrel and chamber are dry and free of any obstructions. After firing, clean yourfirearm as soon as possible. This will reduce the chances of corrosion. Check your gun after a few days to confirm that no further cleaning is necessary. For optimum performance, Colt recommends a thorough cleaning after each hunting trip or trip to the shooting range.

Sharpening Of Tools And Knives Requires The Proper Stones And A Degree Of Knowledge

Stock Forend 1100 Remington Europe

ONE OF THE most pleasant parts of any successful hunting trip is when the game finally is bagged and hung for skinning. But it helps when the keen edge of the skinning knife unhesitatingly goes about its work of removing the pelt or hide. It is all important that a twenty-degree angle be maintained on the cutting edge of the blade during the entire stoning operation. Maintain this angle from the point of the blade all the way back to the rearmost portion of the cutting edge and on both sides of the blade. Sharpened in this manner, the blade should require only minortouchingup with a few licks on the stone during the course of most skinning jobs on medium and big game. However, if you want your knife to maintain a keen edge, never attempt to hack through heavy bone. This is a job best left to the camp ax. Basically, the same procedure outlined above will serve equally well on most folding pocket knives. There are any number of custom-made knives available to the sportsman today that...

Browning Bar High Power Rifle

Browning Bar Gas Regulator

Browning refers to this semi-automatic hunting rifle as the BAR, which has caused confusion with the selective-lire Model 1918 military rifle of that name. The Model 1918 BAR (Browing Automatic Rifle) was designed by John M. Browning (1855-1926) and was a mainstav weapon of U.S. troops in World Wars I and II.

The Urban Police Countersniper

In August 1966, a 25-year-old University of Texas student, Charles Whitman, wheeled a dolly loaded with a duffel bag and military footlocker onto his campus tower elevator in Austin. At 11 48 A.M., after barricading himself atop the 28-story tower, the husky ex-marine and big-game hunter raised a Remington 6mm Model 700 rifle to his shoulder and peered through his scope.

Mannlicher Schoenauer

Browning Acera Fullstock

Steyr Daimler Puch has developed a match version of their current high-powered boll-action rifle. The SSG has a heavy barrel, an adjustable trigger, a hooded front sight and micrometer-type rear sight. The length of the butt is adjustable and the stock, which may be had in walnut or plastic, is of much heavier design than the hunting rifles.

Caution look in the chamber to ensure it is empty and see that magazine has been removed

Practice firing on a range before going hunting or using your pistol for any other type of shooting. This pistol is equipped with the Colt-Elliason rear sight (See Figure 5). Each part of the sight is machined to extremely close tolerances to assure maximum accuracy and to eliminate adjustment error. Directional arrows are stamped into the sight beside the adjustment screws. One click of the windage screw to the right (clockwise) moves the point of impact V2 inch to the right at 50 yards. One click of the elevation screw to the left (counter-clockwise) moves the point of impact inch up at 50 yards. Adjustments for other than windage and elevation should not be made by inexperienced shooters.

Caliber Rotary Magazine Bolt Action Rifles

M16 Exploded View

Two-thousand-two marked the debut of the Ruger Model 77 17 rifle. This rotary magazine bolt action rifle is chambered for the exciting new 17 caliber Hornady Magnum Rimfire cartridge. The 17 HMR is a high-velocity performer that is the answer to a varmint hunter's prayers. The 17 HMR propels a 17-grain, 17 caliber high-performance jacketed synthetic-tip bullet at over 2,550 feet per second, more than 25 faster than a 22 Magnum. This ultimately means a flatter trajectory and superior accuracy for the target range and for small game hunting and, since it's a rimfire, it's quiet and economical to shoot.

All African Game In Standard Bolt Action Sporter Lineup

THE AFRICAN ELEPHANT is the world's largest game animal, and one of the world's most coveted trophies. The typical American hunter will live out a lifetime of deer hunting, black bear and off-season varmint shooting, with always lurking in his mind the dream of one great safari to Africa. A major stumbling block to realizing this dream is the belief that the hunter must be equipped with rifles of the largest and most coveted sort that is to say, the most expensive big, double rifles, custom made by skilled and costly craftsmen. Yet today's fast air transportation plus reduced fares and economy style safaris are placing all Africa within moderate reach of an increasing number of American hunters and the rifles to be used, including the largest, can easily be the practical, everyday rifles which you may already own.

Appendix Commercial and General Abbreviations for Bullet Configurations

Remington-designed controlled expansion bullet. GS Grand Slam. Speer - s design for hunting big game. Jacket is 45 bigger at base to prevent rollback and to retain the bullet's weight. Internal jacket flutes ensure proper expansion. Bullet' s core is a ternary (three-part) alloy, which is poured into jacket at 900 F to prevent jacket slippage.

Winchester 1892 Ward Koozer

I now have many reports of big game killing with the 11 Magnum, both Remington loads and hand load-- with my bullet and 22 grains 2400. One bear at 50 yards, both shoulders broken and died instantly. One bear at 123 yards, one shoulder broken and out through lungs on off side. (Bear rolled down the mountain and was dead when

Single Action Revolvers

Ruger Blackhawk Bisley Convertible

The New Model Super Blackhawk was designed specifically to exploit the full potential of the 44 Magnum cartridge. New Model Super Blackhawk Hunters are specifically designed for scope use and include a barrel rib and Ruger scope rings that make these advanced single action revolvers the standard of big game hunters the world over.

Identification Marks On Langenhan Air Pistols

Because of the commendable practice of unloading hunting rifles and shotguns at the close of each day's shooting, it is a frequent experience to find several extractor marks and ejector marks on the same evidence shell. Extractor marks may be important in cases where no suspect gun is found or in case the suspect denies ownership of the suspect gun. In a case investigated by the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory a suspect denied ownership or any knowledge of a gun which laboratory tests showed was the gun which had been used in the commission of a crime. Unfortunately for the suspect, however, he inadvertently dropped two unfired rifle cartridges while being questioned. When these were examined it was found that they had extractor marks on their rims which matched those on the evidence shell, showing that they had been worked through the rifle in question (Fig. 36). If one finds extractor marks or ejector marks on the same shell that are distinctly different, indicating that they have...

243 Winchester Wounds To Humans

Lead Snowstorm Xray Rifle

The .223 Remington cartridge was introduced in the Armalite AR-15 rifle (the precursor of the M-16) in 1957. It is the standard rifle caliber of the U.S. Army, having been adopted with the M-16A1 rifle in 1964. It is widely used overseas by other countries. The military cartridge was initially loaded with a 55-gr. full metal jacked boat-tail bullet (the M-193 Ball) with a muzzle velocity of approximately 3200 ft sec. Muzzle energy is 1290 ft-lbs (1798 J). Civilian cartridges are loaded with either soft-point or hollow-point bullets weighing from 40 to 69 gr. These are used for varmint and small game hunting. In 1980, NATO adopted the SS109 cartridge loaded with a 62-gr. bullet. This has become the standard military loading in the United States where it is designated as the M855. The bullet has a mild steel core in front of a lead base core. Muzzle velocity is 3100 ft s muzzle energy 1325 ft-lbs (1680 J). The .243 Winchester round was introduced in 1955. It is the .308 Winchester case,...

Warning To Parts Purchasers

Single Action Pistol

BE SURE OF YOUR TARGET BEFORE YOU SHOOT Don t shoot unless you know exactly where your bullet is going to strike. Be sure of the bullet stop behind your target even when dry-firing with an unloaded gun If you are in the field hunting, do not fire at a movement or noise. Take the time to be absolutely certain of your target before you pull the trigger.

Wounds from Shotguns

The usual shotgun barrel does not have a rear sight. It possesses only a small rudimentary front sight consisting of a small brass bead. With the increased use of shotguns in deer hunting, manufacturers are now producing shotgun barrels, 20 and 22 in. long, that are equipped with rifle sights as well as optional rifling.

22 Caliber Rim Is Bent Upon Firing

Proper Trigger Pull

The Luger carbine, which is the standard Luger pistol action with a weaker action spring and a 12 barrel, handles regularly the German black cartridge which, according to Kings Powder Company of Kings Mills, Ohio, gives a velocity of 2,030 foot seconds in the 12 barrel and a breech pressure of 40,000 to 50,-000 pounds per square inch. This test was run for R. W. Goodman of Boise, Idaho, who has used this load in these carbines since 1923 to kill big game. Mr. Goodman holds his Luger in both hands but does not use a shoulder stock.

Safety Lever Functions

Safe-unload position Same as 'vertical' or 'middle' position. With the lever standing straight up, the rifle cannot be fired but the bolt can be opened for unloading. If you change your mind and choose not to shoot, you can safely unload you rifle without putting it in the fire position (unlike many newer designs). If you attempted to fire your rifle in the 'safe-unload' position, you would quickly see that the vertically standing safety lever would interfere with the sights and at the same time, the trigger is disabled You have an advanced hunting rifle, even by today's standards

Ruger Sidebyside Shotguns

Plan Aufbau

Don't shoot unless you know exactly where your bullet or shot is going to strike. Be sure of the bullet stop behind your target, even when dry-firing with an unloaded gun. If you are in the field hunting, do not fire at a movement or noise. Take the time to be absolutely certain of your target before you pull the trigger.

Doubles The Killing Power

For the .45-70 for all big game hunting in the timber, an excellent heavy load is 54 grains 3031 Dupont or 4895 behind the 405 grain soft point or the Barnes flat point 400 grain bullet. This worked very well on elk deer and bear for me, and was first worked out by Gus Peret, of Yoncalla, Oregon, the old Peters trick shot and big game hunter. I have used the load for many years with

Different Mounts and Rings

See-through rings, which lift your scope so high that you can see beneath them to aim it, may be fine for deer hunting but they have no place in sniping. Not only do these rings make your scope more prone to damage, they lift the scope so high from the bore that long-range elevation adjustments will vary from book values. Such tall rings can degrade the calibrated accuracy of an excellent Bullet Drop Compensator.

Priority Repair Service

In the event of an emergency (repairs needed by law enforcement, an upcoming match or hunting trip), call 1-800-331-0852, ext. 2905 and ask for 911 Priority Repair Service. This allows you to speak with a Smith & Wesson representative. Immediately upon receipt, your handgun will be assigned to a gunsmith. After the work is completed, we will return your Smith & Wesson handgun via overnight delivery.

Mm Remington Magnum

The 7mm Remington is essentially the .338 Winchester case necked down to 7mm. It is a fine long-range, big game cartridge that can also be used for varmint hunting. With a wide variety of bullets available, the handloader can utilize this cartridge for any game in North America and most thin-skinned varieties of African game as well. With bullet weights of 150 grains or less, Accurate 4350 and 3100 propellants are recommended. With bullet weights of 160 grains and heavier, Accurate 8700 is the best choice.

Extended Service Policy

In the event of an emergency (repairs needed by law enforcement, an upcoming match or hunting trip), call 1-800-331-0852 and ask for 911 Priority Repair Service. This allows you to speak with a Smith & Wesson representative. Immediately upon receipt, your handgun will be assigned to a gunsmith. After the work is completed, we will return your Smith & Wesson handgun via overnight delivery.

Now You Can Learn To Shoot In College

Hunters went for the bobs, The quail hunting was at best only fair because of a long drought, but all the students got some shooting. Later, a deer hunt produced no deer for the bag, but hunters did see plenty of doe, on which there was no open season. For most of them, it was their first deer hunt. The deer hunt was followed by an evening coon hunt. This was more of a social gathering than anything else, but the class enjoyed it. Most of them stayed out until midnight, listening to the hounds run.

From Flintlocks To Modern Sporting

Not only military firearms were produced. Shooting clubs had been in existence since the 1890's, and shotguns and rifles played a major part in obtaining food for countless thousands of Swedish families. As their products became known also outside of the Swedish borders, the firm started exporting their civilian firearms around the turn of the century, especially to the countries around the Baltic sea. Poland, at that time, was a big-game hunters' Eldorado, and Husqvarna rifles also went to Denmark and Northern Germany. Northwards, they were found in Norway, and in the hands of hunters on Iceland, Spitzbergen, and all the way up to Greenland. While the rolling-block action in a wide variety of styles, and also various single-shot bolt actions, had been utilized for hunting rifles, the necessity of a (Continued on page 60)

National Rifle Association

In almost every country, hunting ammunition was short, due to the war effort. Shooters of all nations expected neutral Sweden, and Norma, to solve their ammunition supply problems. Big game hunters needed the old, reliable, standard cartridges handloaders needed brass and bullets. Orders began coming in to Amotfors from all over the world, and these orders presented new problems that taxed the skill of expertly trained people, engineers, and efficient machinery.

Basics of Muzzleloading

Have you ever dreamed of returning to the thrilling days of the mountain men Or of sharing in the adventures of such wilderness heros as Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, or Jim Bridger Many people are attempting to experience a part of those days through black powder or muzzleloader shooting. The rifles that these modern mountain men use are replicas of the weapons used by the original frontiersmen. Not only are black powder weapons just plain fun to shoot, but the muzzle-loading rifle is an effective hunting weapon. Many states, including New Mexico, have established special seasons for hunters using muzzleloaders, and this has increased the popularity of the weapon.

Genuine Mexican Longhorns

Copper Canon Ranch. Greystone, Colo., 5.000 acres in lush Green River country near Brown's Hole, will be scene of rendezvous this June, July, and August for boys (age 14 and up) on vacation who want to learn Big Game Hunting and Rifle Safety and Marksmanship. Two owners of Ranch are Bud Johnson and King Karnopp (shown right above), both NRA-approved Colorado Slate Hunter Safety Program instructors, experienced riflemen and gunsmiths. For full details of what to bring, how to get there, facilities on arrival, write directly to Copper Canon Ranch. Grey-stone, Colorado. Nominal cost for exciting and safe gun-fun vacation for your boys.

Winchester Magnum

The .264 Winchester Magnum was introduced by Winchester in 1958. As originally introduced in Winchester's Model 70 Westerner, it was available with a 26 inch stainless steel barrel. The .264 Winchester Magnum was designed to produce what Winchester hoped would be the ultimate open-country hunting cartridge for deer-sized big game. To accomplish this feat of engineering, Winchester's ballisticians utilized a 2-diameter bullet with only the section aft of the cannelure being full groove diameter.

Complete With Telescopic Sicht

The most outstanding all-purpose big game sporting rifle ever o He red. Our gun smiths select a factory brand new 22 unfired U.S. made .3U< S Winchester Cal. barrel, fit and head space to a choice all milled surplus i> -.shot Model 95 FN Belgian Mauser military action with turned down bolt handle. Mounted in a fine walnut s porter i zed military stock. The result is a firearm' equal in accuracy and value to any sporter costing four time& much 1 Ahgojute satisfaction or your money back.

Write For Free Catalog

Thompson I have this to say I along with millions of other shooters agree with you 100 on your opinion of the Sullivan Law in New York. Such a law is a disgrace, along with the men who wrote it and the men who are upholding it today. But we in New York State can use our pistols for big game hunting as well as you can in New Mexico, and we can carry our pistols concealed in any town or metropolitan areas except in New York City itself. Y'ou said in your letter We realize that laws are needed prohibiting the carrying of firearms in towns in the interest of maintaining the peace. Air. Thompson, that statement is just as stupid as our stupid Sullivan Law, and it is an attitude like yours that will put New Mexico next in line for a law like our Sullivan Law. Since you believe law abiding citizens should not carry a gun in towns or cities, then we in New York State are glad, as you are, that you live in New Mexico.

Know Your Target and Whats Beyond It

Never fire a shot unless you know exactly where the shot is going and what it will strike. Bullets and shot can travel great distances with deadly velocity. When hunting game, never fire at a sound, a movement or a patch of color - an impulsive shot can have tragic consequences. A fellow hunter in camouflage may be mistaken for game by an impulsive shooter.

Johnsons Early Interest in Guns

At an early age he began to do big-game hunting in the Maine woods, and when he was 14 years old, Hunting and Fishing magazine printed an article by Johnson on sporting arms with some reference to military weapons. This latter is one instance of his early aptitude for the study of weapons.

Stopguns For Dixie Tuskers

The best way to hunt wild boar in Tennessee or North Carolina is to form a party numbering between 20 and 100 hunters, and apply for a hunt. A good-sized party may be 25 or 30 hunters. Complete information is available from The Tennessee Game and Fish Commission, Nashville, Tenn., and The North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission, Raleigh, North Carolina. Write well in advance of any planned hunting trip into these areas. Preliminary correspondence should start no later than late spring or early summer for a fall hunt. Ask the state departments for complete details on the party boar and bear hunts. These are managed hunts, but even so around 3,000 hunters get to take part every year, counting of course North Carolina's open area around Hooper's Bald.

Limited Warranty

In the event of an emergency (repairs needed by law enforcement, an upcoming match or hunting trip), call 1-800-331-0852, ext. 2905 and ask for 911 PRIORITY REPAIR SERVICE. This allows you to speak with a Smith & Wesson representative. Immediately upon receipt, your firearm will be assigned to a gunsmith. After the work is completed, we will return your Smith & Wesson firearm via overnight delivery.

Come Down

IN SOME of the densely populated areas of our country (and increasingly in many not-so-densely-populated areas), a permit to hunt is little more than legal permission to hunt a place to hunt. Upland game hunters especially know only too well that Walt Disney's Vanishing Prairies have vanished indeed, and No Hunting signs in growing profusion are confronting gunners whose only sin is not even one of association but of being associated ivith the perhaps one-in-a-hundred hunter whose bad manners and hunting ignorance have turned landowner opinion against hunters in general. 3-To determine the rental value of land for hunting purposes.

Learn How To Hunt

BIG GAME Thousands of acres in the fabulous Big Game Country of north western Colorado will be the setting for a two weeks* course in June for young men 14 years old and up. Learn how to track, shoot and dress big game. N.R.A. Qualified Instructors and experienced hunters in charge of program which includes Marksmanship and Hunter Safety.


Mechanism Side Side Shotgun

This manual and the warnings contained herein must be read and understood before using your firearm. This manual familiarizes the user with the function and the handling of the firearm and warns of the potential dangers of misuse that may lead to accidents or injuries. This manual should always accompany this firearm and be transferred with it upon change of ownership, or when the firearm is loaned or presented to another person. THIS MANUAL IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR A HUNTING SAFETY COURSE OR A FIREARMS SAFETY COURSE USE caution to avoid dropping a loaded firearm. Dropping the firearm may cause an accidental discharge even if the safety is in the Safe position. Be extremely careful while hunting or during any other activity to avoid dropping any firearm. An accidental discharge could result in serious injury, or death.

Abolt Shotgun

The Browning A-Bolt shotgun looks, shoots and feels like a rifle, it is designed to give you every advantage when hunting deer with all types of shotgun slug ammunition. With either the fully rifled barrel or rifled choke tube, the A-Bolt shotgun is one of the most accurate slug shotguns on the market today. When fined with an extra-full Invector choke tube the versatile choke tube model also excels with buckshot for deer hunting. With shot die extra full tube delivers tight patterns for turkey hunting.

The Swedish Mauser

Disassemble And Assemble Mauser Ruger

Finland employed this rifle extensively in the 1939-40 Russo-Finnish War, and a quantity was purchased and used by Denmark following World War II. Many specimens have been imported into the U. S. during the last few years and sold by arms dealers. When it has been suitably sporterized, this rifle makes a handy weapon for hunting deer and similar big game.

Firearm Assembly

Mauser Rear Guard Screw Bushing

The Remington Model 550A semiautomatic rifle was introduced in 1941. Of takedown design, this blow-back-operated rifle for small game hunting and informal target shooting fires .22 short, long, and long-rifle regular and high-velocity cartridges interchangeably and without adjustment. Capacity of the tubular magazine under the 24 round barrel is 15 long rifle, 17 long, or 22 short cartridges.


Steyr Mannlicher Ultra Light

With the purchase of the repeating rifle manufactured by STEYR MANNLICHER, you have acquired a hunting rifle which meets the highest quality standards. This rifle has been conceived to state-of-the-art requirements of today's hunting sports. Unsurpassed performance, superb quality, optimum user comfort in handling, and long service life have been the parameters this new development has been designed for. With our thorough quality assurance system you can be sure to have acquired a top-brand product of outstanding quality. Please read this manual carefully to familiarize yourself with the function and operation of this firearm. After having done so, there is nothing left for us to do but wish you much pleasure in pursuing the noble art of hunting with your new rifle.

Appendix Trade Names

London England 1867-1900 successor to Charles William Lancaster. Best known for the manufacture of very high-quality sporting rifles and big game hunting pistols. Merged with Stephen Grant & Sons and Lang and Hussey in 1900 to become Joseph Lang & Co. Ltd. Established 1864, manufacturer of sporting and military rifles. Their designs were built for the German armed forces, and have been exported and licensed to a number of countries in the later nineteenth and early twentieth century, as well as being a popular civilian firearm. In the late twentieth century, Mauser continued making sporting and hunting rifles. In the 1990s, it became a subsidiary of Rheinmetall. Mauser Jagdwaffen GmbH was split off and continues making rifles. Henry Quackenbush manufacturer of rifles and air guns in Herkimer, NY about 1880. Dennis Quackenbush started making large bore air guns suitable for big game hunting 1992

Sig Sauer

Hamilton Bowen

All of Clint's teaching in the Thunder Ranch Training Series addresses mental preparation and proper technique, and also provides shooting demonstrations. One of the Clint's most commonsense approaches is found in Defensive Firearms Defend Yourself With The Gun At Hand which is based on the proposition of being able to defend yourself with whatever gun is available. Everyone doesn't have a 1911 or pocket pistol, but the standard hunting rifle or shotgun can be quite effective in self-defense and Clint provides information on how to do this. Other Thunder Ranch DVDs include Defensive Handgun, Defensive Revolver, Defensive Shotgun, Urban Rifle, and Defensive Tactics. All are subtitled Logical Solutions for the Real World. All of these exceptionally good instructional DVDs can be ordered at

Walther pistols

The Waffenfabrik Walther was founded by Carl Walther in Zella-Mehlis (then known as Zella St. Blasii) in the year 1886. Walther came from a long line of ancestors who had engaged in the manufacture of weapons. One ancestor, Matthias Konrad Pistor, established a weapons factory in 1745. For many years the principal products of the Walther factory were hunting arms and target rifles. In 1908, together with his cousin, Friederich Pickert (a wellknown revolver manufacturer), and also assisted by his son, Fritz, Walther designed and produced the first successful German-made 6.35 mm. self-loading pistol. This was followed by other models and up to the outbreak of the first World War, in 1914, four other models had been developed and produced. The advent of war necessitated greatly increased facilities, because of ever-increasing orders, and an entirely new factory was built.

Steyr Scout Rifle

This manual and the warnings contained herein must be read and understood before using your rifle. This manual familiarizes the user with the function and the handling of the rifle and warns of the potential dangers of misuse that may lead to accidents or injuries. This manual should always accompany this firearm and be transferred with it upon change of ownership, or when the firearm is loaned or presented to another person. THIS MANUAL IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR A HUNTING SAFETY COURSE OR A FIREARMS SAFETY COURSE

Elmer Keith Says

Gun Writer Elmer Keith

After looking through a lot of factory-made rifles since World War Two and finding many crooked barrels, poor stocking, and rough reeeiver-and-bolt fits, it is a pleasure to test a rifle that comes to the shooter all ready to take into the hills. Merely slap your favorite scope in a set of Buehler split-ring mounts, bore sight and target, and yon are ready to go. In conclusion, 1 can only give this rifle and cartridge a clean bill of health and believe the rifle and the 7x61 S & H factory load to be one of the best yet offered sportsmen for all our lighter big game that has to be taken at long range.

John Barsness

Sss Blackpowder Guns

One of the biggest reasons for the present popularity of the AR-15 is superb accuracy, and not just the accuracy of dedicated target or varmint rifles, but just about every rifle of decent quality. I am mostly a hunter, of everything from varmints to big game, and passed over AR-15s for a long time because most just didn't have the accuracy for my kinds of hunting. Those that did were just too clunky, due to their heavy barrels.

Shotgun Slugs


Shotgun slugs are used for deer and bear hunting in heavily populated areas where the slug's rapid loss of velocity allegedly affords greater protection from shooting mishaps. Three types of shotgun slugs are on the market the European Brenneke the American Foster and the Sabot (Figure 8.12). of lead adjacent to or surrounding the disk. These comma-like pieces of lead break off from the edge of the pancaked slug (Figure 8.14). Foster slugs do not produce the x-ray picture of the lead snowstorm seen with high-velocity hunting rifle bullets. In the deaths seen by the author due to the Sabot round, the slug has always exited. Internal injury was very severe. Scattered fragments of lead were deposited if bone was struck but there was no true lead snowstorm.

Remington Models

Remington Model Bolt Assembly

A version of this carbine designated Model 600 Magnum was introduced in 1965. Chambered for the .350 Remington Magnum cartridge, this arm is sufficiently powerful for taking the largest North American big game. It features a laminated walnut and beech stock with Du Pont RK-W finish, rubber recoil pad, leather sling strap, and quick-detachable swivels. An upward extension of the barrel bracket provides support for a telescope sight mount. In 1966, this model was made available in an additional chambering, the 6.5 mm. Remington Magnum.

Table Of Contents

USE caution to avoid dropping a loaded gun. Dropping the rifle may cause an accidental discharge even if the safety is in the Safe position (the gray lock and white dot are visible). Be extremely careful while hunting or during any other activity to avoid dropping any firearm. An accidental discharge could result in serious injury, or death.

Bolt Action Rifles

Ruger M77 With Detatchable Magazine

In 1983, Ruger responded to the many shooters who desired a high quality, adult-size 22 rimfire rifle, built to centerfire standards of strength, accuracy, and aesthetics. The result was the Ruger Model 77 22 rotary magazine bolt action rifle. Unique among rimfire rifles, the Model 77 22 incorporates Ruger's patented detachable rotary magazine, plus the three-position safety of the centerfire Ruger M77 Mark II. Elegant, innovative, and moderately priced, the 77 22 has brought a new level of quality and technical excellence to small-game hunting and target shooting.

Double Action Only

700ml Weather Shroud

5 BE SURE OF YOUR TARGET BEFORE YOU SHOOT. Don't shoot unless you know eiactly where your bullet is going to strike. Be sure of the bullet stop behind your target, even when dry-firing with an unloaded gun. If you are in the field hunting, do not fire at a movement or noise. Take the time to be absolutely certain of your target before you pull the trigger.

Telescopic Sights

NOTE The use of telescopic sights are illegal in some areas during the big-game muzzleloading season. Be sure to check the regulations in the area you will be hunting before installing the scope. NOTE In some areas, the use of the weather shroud is illegal during the muzzleloading season for big game. Some areas require that the ignition source be exposed to the elements (open breech) prior to firing. Before installing the weather shroud, check the regulations in the area you will be hunting. The weather shroud is intended only for use while hunting or shooting in inclement weather. It should not be used when target shooting or sighting in the rifle. Extended use of the weather shroud while shooting could cause accumulation of fouling in the bolt assembly. This fouling can result in an interference between the firing pin and bolt body. Always disassemble and clean the bolt assembly after shooting with the weather shroud. See page 22 for bolt cleaning instructions.

Western Publications

Schultz And Larsen M60 7x61 Sharp Hart

I experimented a great deal with all three at the time, and also used them on big game. Finally, in company with C. M. Oneil and Don Hopkins, we developed the .285 O.K.H., first on a necked down .30-06 case, and later nn the shortened Magnum Mauser .300 case. Don Hopkins also had several rifles made for the .276 Dubiel case. Dick Carlson of Hamilton, Montana also brought out the .276 Carlson, on a cut-off .300 Magnum case that is very similar to the 7x61 Sharpe & Hart. Roy Gradle later made a 7 mm on the .348 case. On game I never was able to tell much difference between any of these big 7 mm rifles when used with same weight bullels, and I used them all at one time or another, even killed five elk with the 285 O.K.H. before I found that, with 180 grain bullets, it was too light for raking shots on this game. 1 also found these big 7 mm calibers were by all odds the finest and flattest shooting rifles obtainable for all other big game up to and including sheep, goats, and caribou....


The .50-90 is also called the .50-100 or .50-110 depending on the bullet weight and powder charge used. Although obviously suitable for any large North American big game, if not for the current limited production of Sharps replicas chambered for it, this cartridge would have been relegated to Old West legend.

Assault Rifles

One of the common fallacies about assault rifles is that the wounds produced by them are more severe than those due to regular military rifles and hunting rifles. In fact, the wounds are less severe, even when compared to such venerable hunting rifles as the Winchester M-94 (introduced in 1894) and its cartridge the .30-30 (introduced in 1895).

See Page

Oneil, Don Hopkins. and the writer developed a line of big game cartridges, from the .265 O.K.H., the .285 O.K.H., .333 O.K.H .333 O.K.H. belted, and .424 O.K.H., to the .475 O.K.H. Now Oneil is tooling up to complete the line with a .350 O.K.H. This will be made on the shortened .33.3 O.K.H. Belted case, and will give lovers of the .35 caliber a wide range of excellent bullets. It will not have the sectional density in 300 grain of the .333 O.K.H., nor will it be quite as flat over long ranges, but it shotdd make a most excellent all around big game cartridge with 60 lo 62 grains 4350 and a 300 grain bullet.

Custom Craft Co

Ammunition in 160 grain runs around 27.00 per hundred. The rifle is priced at 145.00. One inch Buehler split ring mounts run around 22.45, and with your favorite scope you have a first class long range rifle of the custom class for one of the finest long range cartridges yet developed. I would favor use of 175 grain Nosier bullets with 60 to 61 grains of 4350 and any of our commercial large rifle primers for all big game shooting, as the first half of the bullet will expand but the rear half will not and will penetrate on through the beast. The Nosier bullet would also be mandatory with me for any shots at our larger game such as elk, moose, or grizzly if I was forced to use a small bore on them. Many Sharpe & Hart 7x61 rifles are now being made up on Springfield, Remington, and Winchester actions.

The Schueler Mausers

Expanding Capacity Mauser Shots

The Schueler Magnum magazine held only four cartridges, but a fifth could be inserted directly in the chamber. These rifles were made for the 11.2 x 72 mm (.441) Schueler cartridge, usually with set triggers. A modification of this rifle for elephant and rhino hunting, still more heavily built than the other, used the .500 Schueler cartridge. This cartridge had a muzzle velocity of 2460 feet per second with a striking energy of 7230 foot pounds. It is one of the most powerful rifles ever designed. The magazine extends below the bottom of the stock and has a lever release. This rifle was made with single trigger, and was designed for African and Indian big game shooting. In England, Rigby made rifles on Mauser actions in calibers .275 High Velocity, .350 Magnum, .416 Big Game. These rifles retailed in the United States from 250 to about 400.00.

Storing K95 Barrels

The wooden stocks of all Blaser hunting rifles have an oil finish. We recommend regular treatment with a good quality stock oil or wax. Take your rifle to your gun dealer for examination and maintenance before the hunting season and before hunting trips. Like your automobile, your rifle is an item of equipment that needs regular maintenance and inspection.


Your SAUER 202 Take Down is a modular hunting gun which can be easily adapted to new uses at a later date. The complete and current option selection and invidual possibilities can be found in the price list, the SAUER hunting catalogue or most conveniently on the SAUER homepage ( There you will also find all telescopic sight assemblies, replacement barrels, replacement magazines, sights and any other gun accessories. In addition Sauer & Sohn offers the following accessories for the perfect transport and stylish presentation of your gun and for successful hunting More precise information can be found in the catalogue or on the internet at (

Varmint Accuracy

100-yard, 5-shot groups with HORNADY BULLETS fired from ordinary hunting rifles No special bench rest rifle was needed to shoot these exceptional groups sent us by Al dohnson, 1067 S. Gaylord, Denver. They are evidence of the fine accuracy you get on target and game using Hornady Bullets in your regular hunting rifle. All popular calibers for varmints and big gamesend card for list All popular calibers for varmints and big gamesend card for list Last Fall, while hunting pheasants with one companion and three young Wei-marancrs. misfortune rode me for three hours while my companion got his limit. He wanted to go home, but I persuaded him to take one more trip along a debris-jammed creek between two fairly high banks, heavily tree-

Small Arms

Pistol With Tips Barrel

One of the common fallacies about assault rifles is that the wounds they produce are more severe than those due to ordinary centerfire rifles. In fact, the wounds are less severe than those produced by virtually all hunting rifles even the Winchester M-94 (introduced in 1894) and its cartridge the .30-30 (introduced in 1895). As we shall see in Chapters 3 and 7, in dealing with rifles, the severity of the wound is determined by the amount of kinetic energy lost by a bullet in the body. The intermediate cartridges used in assault rifles possess significantly less kinetic energy than a regular centerfire rifle cartridge


The .357 Herrett was a joint effort of Steve Herrett and gun writer Bob Milek in an attempt to improve upon the performance of the .30 Herrett for big game hunting with a handgun. The .357 Herrett is formed from .3030 or .32 Winchester Special cases. Intended initially as a big game hunting cartridge for the T C Contender, it developed a following among silhouette shooters.

Norma Magnum

Introduced into the U.S. in 1959, the .358 Norma Magnum is a short, belted magnum cartridge intended to work through a standard length action. It is nearly identical to the wildcat .35-338. The .358 Norma Magnum delivers approximately the same performance as the larger .375 H& H Magnum and is suitable for all North American big game. The 9.3x62mm is a powerful big game cartridge enjoying a good reputation in Africa and Asia. It is adequate for all North American big game including large bear.

Martini Marksman

A splendid low-cost hunting rifle that will impress you with its accuracy A powerful but super lightweight weapon. Ideal, too. for women and youngsters. The perfect big game starter for any boy. Has the same fine lever action and smooth trigger pull (no creep) as Game Ktng. Blue finish, original Walnut stock with sling swivels. IVice 13.95.

Xmm Japanese Arisaka

When loaded with proper bullets, the 7.7mm Arisaka is adequate for hunting most North American big game. With the exception of military rifles brought home as war souvenirs or recently imported, very few firearms chambered for this cartridge are found in the United States.

Executive Series

There are also filters to fit the Executive Series, red for pre-dawn movement to avoid spooking game (animals can't see in the red color spectrum), blue for finding blood (often used by homicide detectives, crime scene investigators and big game hunters), infrared for use with night vision devices, and a beam diffusion filter to create a soft, broad beam.


CHRISTOPHER MEDAL for protection against traveling hazards on your hunting trip. Newly designed medal can be attached to hunting jacket. Use as a money clip, sun visor clip for auto, and other uses. 24 k.t. gold plated will not tarnish. Priced at 1 pp. Send check or money order to the Lehigh Company, 8842 N. Lamon, Skokie, 111.

Figure D

Lever Action Rifle Concept Design

Over 100 years ago the ultra strong, ultra durable Model 94 action was the first repeater to take advantage of the new 30-30 Winchester cartridge with its powerful new smokeless powder loads. It is just as effective today, and remains one of the most popular deer hunting rifles in the world. No rifle has more classic styling than the Model 94. Yet its success today is only partly due to its proven cowboy heritage. The 94 has a level of responsiveness, fast handling, follow-up shot speed and total reliability that makes it one of today's premier hunting rifles.

Proper Cleaning

Where your initial reaction to this might be one of disgust, consider the opportunity it provides you. Any chance to make money is good news. But this is especially welcome because most of the demand comes at the first of a new year after hunting season and Christmas are over. This is a time when usual business activity drops off and you need other work.

Main features

The SAUER 202 Take Down is a high precision hunting rifle built in accordance with the latest state of knowledge, which can be disassembled without tools into its components rear stock and magazine tube, front stock and barrel. It is an easy to handle repeater with rifle trigger which can be fitted with a rear set trigger.

Types Of Rifles

If your muzzleloader is to be used for hunting, give careful consideration to the caliber, weight, sights, and handling. Most states have specific regulations covering the caliber required to hunt big game species. Other considerations vary with the preference of each shooter, but generally a muzzleloader selected for hunting has many of the characteristics of modern smokeless powder firearms.

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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Deer hunting is an interesting thing that reminds you of those golden old ages of 19th centuries, where a handsome hunk well equipped with all hunting material rides on horse searching for his target animal either for the purpose of displaying his masculine powers or for enticing and wooing his lady love.

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