Charge Shaped Poundr MA

a. Description. This charge (fig. 10) contains approximately 12 pounds of 50/50 pentolite, or COMP B with a 50/50 pentolite booster, in a moisture-resisting molded fiber container. The charge may be used m wet locations without deformation of the case. The top of the charge has a threaded cap well for receiving a blasting cap and adapter or any standard firing device. A cylindrical fiber base slips on the end of the charge, to hold the charge at the proper stand-off distance. A cone of glass is used as a cavity liner in this charge. This charge will pierce 36 inches of reinforced concrete (4,000 to 5,000 psi compressive strength) or in a wall of greater thickness will produce a hole 30 inches deep and 2 to inches in diameter.

Shaped Charge
Figure Ji). Charae, xhaped, impound, MS A3,

6. Packing. The shaped charge M2A3 is packed three per box; four per carton and two cartons (eight charges) per box; or four in a fiber container, one container per box. As packed, the charge is nested in its cylindrical base.

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