Manual Tnt Demolition

Figure 5i. Demolition troinino kit TSi*.

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Bangalore Explosif
Figure 56. Dr.molititm training kit TSH packing plan, middle taper.
Chest Demolition Squad

— Figure .77. Demolition trainino kit T38— packing plan, bottom layer.

go to be employed in exactly the same manner and with the same rare and precaution* as are the explosive items comprising the demolition equipment sets simulated, hence it is essential that personnel, in training, be fully conversant with all procedures and instructions given in this manual pertaining to the explosive item of those simulated sets. For descriptions of individual service items simulated by items in these kits, see paragraphs 19 through 8».

Training Kit Demolition

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Figure 58. Demolition training kit TJ9.

103. Components

The training kits T38 and T39 are identical, except that kit T39 omits the following:

Bangalore torpedo (E in fig. 54 and in list below) Shaped charge—15 pounds (F in fig. 54 and in list below) Shaped charge—40 pounds (G in fig. 54 and in list below)

Note. The Item letters are keyed to figures 54- 60.

The components of these training kits are as follows: litm letter Item

Standard cartons. Inert loaded to approximate weight.

B 5 BLOCK, demolition, chain. Ml. in*rt.

8 wooden blocks loaded to approximate weight, strung on %-inch rope ro simulate primacord. and packed in stand an! haversack.

Two sets of fi standard MS training demolition blocks, filled with simulated inert CX)MP C3, packed in standard haversacks.

D 12 BLOCK, demolition, K lb. inert.

Cartons filled with «imutated inert OOMP CS.

e / TORPEDO, bangalore. Ml At, intrt.

1 standard nose cap, 3 standard connecting sleeves, and 3 torpedo sections, each 38-inches long with standard ends. Torpedo sections to be inert lirnded to approximate weight. <For use in kit T38 only.)

Standard training shaped charge, inert loaded to approximate weight. < For use in kit Títíi only.)

Standard training shaped charge, inert loaded to approximate weight, complete with tripod. (For use in kit T38 only.)

Standard 15 sec-delay detonator, with inert primer an<* detonator.

j 2 DETONATORf 8-sec. delay, MS, inert.

Standard 8 sec-delay detonator, with inert primer and detoua-tor. To be packed In 4-hole wooden block, which accommodates items H and J.

K 2 DETONATOR, concussion type. Ml, inert.

Standard concussion detonator, with Inert primer and detonator and wooden pellets substituted for the salt pelleta.

L SO ADAPTER, priming, explosive, MIAS.

One Ih»x of 50 standard priming adapters.

One box of 50 standard detonating cord clips.

N 10 FIRING DEVICE, pressure type. Ml, inert.

P 10 FIRING DEVICE, pull-friction type. Mi, inxrt.

Q 5 FIRING DEVICE, pressure-release type, M5, inert

Items X, P. and Q are standard firing devices, with inert primers and detnoators. packed 5 per box.

Jtpm letter Item

R 4 CORD, detonating, inert (100-ft spool). S 3 FUSE, time blasting, inert (100-fi spool).

Items R and S are of inert detonating cord and time blasting fuse, respectively, simulating the standard items. T 100 CAP, blasting, special, electric (type II <J2 PETN)), inert. U 100 CAP, blasting, tetryl, nonelectric; inert.

Items T and U are of inert standard blasting caps; item T to he packed 50 per box; item U to be packed 100 per box.

Y SO LIGHTER, fuse, trc alfterproojf, If2, inert

Standard fuse lighters, with inert primers, packed 5 per box. W 2 CRIMPER, cap (w/fuse cut ter), Afg.

Standard cap crimper X I MACHINE, blasting, 10-cap capacity (class A).

Standard cap blasting machine.

Y I GALVA NOMETER, blasting, complete.

Standard blasting galvanometer, complete with case and carrying strap.

Z 2 TAPEt frictionf general use, grade A, % -in wide, roll.

Standard %-inch friction tape, in %-pound rolls, one roll per package.

AA I WIRE, firingt '¿-conductor, vinyl polymer covered, 250-ft roll, No.

20 AWG, training.

Standard double conductor firing wire, in 250-foot rolls. BB 1 WIRE, annunciator, single-conductor, cotton covered, 5Q-ft roll,

Standard commercial, single conductor* cotton covered annunciator wire, in 50-foot rolls. OC 1 KNIFE, pocket, general purpose, li-K-€5 (Quartermaster


Standard general purpose pocket knife. DD 2 TWINE, hemp. No. 18, $-02 ball

Commercial No. 5 8 hemp twine. EE / CHEST, demolition squad.

Standard demolition squad chest, less contents.

Note. All inert or dummy items are stamped "INERT" or "DUMMY" as may be appropriate, in large black block letters on the item or, if its size does not permit, on its container Detonators (caps) are perforated with at least two small holes in the side wall, to prevent confusion with loaded items.

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