The individual items in this set are described separately in this manual The set fig consists of the items listed below

Yofp. The item letters are keyed to figure 47.

It if iter Item

A BOX, cap, 10-cap eapHcity, infantry

K r> FIRING-DEVICE, pitll-friction type, M2 C 30 CLIP, cord, detonating, Ml D 5 FIRING DEVICE, pressure type, M1A1

E 10 DETONATOR <five lo-sec delay, ill, and five 8-sec delay, M2) F 1 CHEST, demolition squad

G 1 REEL, wire, firing, 500 ft, KL-30A, w/2 carrying straw/winding device, vv/o spend, w/o wire, and 1 SPOOL, DR SA. empty, reel, wire, firing f>00 ft H 1 BLOCKt demtuition, chain, Ml (eight 2U-lb block strung: on cord, detonating)

J 1 WIRE, firing. 2-conductor, vinyl polymer covered. IWO-ft roll.

No. 18 AWG

K 2 WIRE, 'annunciator, single conductor, cotton covered, 200 ft roll,

No. 20 AWG

L 1 FUSE, safety, M700, or FI'SE, bh«st:ng, time iTrfVft coil)

M 30 ADAPTER, priming AI1A4, or ADAPTER, priming. Ml A3, or

ADAPTER, primine, M12 X :m CAP. blasting, special, nonelectric I type I <J1 PETN) ) V 1 KNIFE, pocket, general puriK>se, 74-K-tTi <stored, issned. and reviewed by Quarlermaster Cor]«) Q 8 RLOCK, demolition. M3 (CO MP C3) 12V| -lb block)

R S BLOCK, demolition. M2 block}

S 3 CORD, detonating iPETX) HOO-ft spool) T 1 TWINE, hemp. No. IS, 4-oz ball

C 1 MACHINE. blasting, 10-c:i|> capacity, class A

Ilrm tetter Item

W 3 TAPE, friction, general use. grade A, % in. wide, fe-lb roll X 1 GALVANOMETER, blasting (w/leather case and carrying strap) Y 30 EXPLOSIVE, TXT, Mb block Z 40 LIGHTER, fuse, weatherproof, M2 AA 2o CAP. blasting, special, electric i ty[>e IT (32 PETX)) KB 2 CRIMPER, cap {w/fusc cutter), M2

1 PLIERS, lineman's, side-cutting, length 8 in.

2 DESTRUCTOR, high-explosive. universal. M10 <T20>

0 0

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