Setting Up The At To Load Rifle Ammunition

We are using the .30-06 cartridge as an example in this section. The AT 500 machine comes to you with the shellplate (with the #1 slot ready for use) and large primer bar installed.

Station #1 - Install the sizing/decapping die here.

Figure 13 - Placing the cartridge case in the shellplate.

Move the handle down to resize and deprime the case. Return the handle to its rest position.

Examine the case you just resized and deprimed. If a case gage is available, insert the case into the gage to (Figure 14) assure yourself that the case has been resized properly. (The bottom of the case should be flush with the bottom of the gage.)

Station #1 - Install the sizing/decapping die here.

Figure 12 - Installing the sizing/decapping die in Station #1.

Move the handle down (which will raise the platform) and thread the sizing/decapping die completely into the toolhead until the die comes in contact with the shellplate. Return the handle to its rest position (up).

Wipe a small amount of case lube on the body and neck of an empty .30-06 cartridge case, then place the case into the #1 slot. (Figure 13)

Figure 14 - Inserting a case in a case gage.

Rotate the sizing/decapping die in or out as needed to reach the proper case-to-gage fit. After the die is adjusted, tighten the die lock ring to hold it in place. Advance the case to Station #2.

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