Station Install the taper crimp die here

Bullet Crimping Dies
Figure 30 - Installing a taper crimp die in Station #4.

Move the handle down. Thread the taper crimp die into the toolhead until it comes in contact with case/bullet. In 1/4 turn increments, thread the taper crimp die clockwise while you move the handle up and down, until a crimp appears on the mouth of the case. An average crimp is approximately .002 smaller than the body diameter. (Figure 30) Tighten the die lock ring to hold it in place.

Measure crimp here.

Measure crimp here.

Pistol Crimp Die
Figure 31 - A properly crimped pistol cartridge.

Once you've installed all the dies in the toolhead, place the black plastic funnel onto the powder die. Install the three #1 (for .45 ACP) brass locator buttons, included in the parts bag, on the platform. (Figure 32)

How Install Bullet Primer
Figure 32 - Installing a brass locator button in Station #2.

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