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Your assembly should now be complete, but before you stock it with powder and primers let's run through the operation a few times.

Your Square Deal "B" has been adjusted at the factory in the caliber of your choice and we've enclosed the sample rounds that we used to obtain those adjustments. One cartridge has a bullet seated to illustrate the seating depth and the other round was primed (the primer is inert).

Place the cartridge case without the bullet in Station 1 and pump the operating handle. The primer will be pushed out and dropped into the spent primer cup (#13651). Continue to pump the handle and observe the advancement of the cartridge from station to station until it is ejected into the cartridge collection box. Now take a new primer and drop it (shiny side down) into the primer magazine (#13673). Operate the handle and the primer will appear at Station 2, press forward on the handle, pick up the primer with your fingers and put it back into the primer magazine. The forward pressure on the handle is important as it exerts the pressure necessary to seat the primer in a cartridge.

Reinsert the case in Station 1, drop the primer in the primer magazine and operate the handle. As the case is moved to Station 2 press forward firmly but gently and you will feel the primer being seated. Cycle the machine and eject the primed round.

IMPORTANT: Let's do it again but this time do not put the primer in the magazine. Repeat the sequence using an unprimed case. Notice how the primer punch tends to stick in the cartridge when no primer is present. This is the feeling you get when your Square Deal "B" runs out of primers.

Now that you've seen the Square Deal "B" function, read the following description of what is happening at each station.

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