Load em up

Okay now that you understand the purpose of all of the Square Deal "B" stations, we are ready to reload. Begin as follows:

1.) Place a clean, empty case in Station 1 and cycle the handle, don't forget to press forward firmly to seat the primer in Station 2. Work slowly.

2.) Place another empty case in Station 1, cycle the handle. Work slowly and carefully, watch the powder bar function and be sure it travels fully to the left each time. If it doesn't, turn the powder die (#13865) 1/8 turn clockwise and try again.

3.) Carefully place a bullet on top of the cartridge case at Station 3. Insert a new empty case at Station 1, cycle the handle.

4.) From this point on, place a bullet on the case at Station 3 with your left hand. Insert a case at Station 1 with your right hand and cycle the handle. Each time you cycle the machine a finished round will be ejected into the cartridge collection bin. (See Fig. 18)

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