Primer Early Warning System Installation

(See page 4 for assistance.) Install the battery and the battery cover (#13857) in the system's main body. Slide the Early Warning System Assembly down over the knurled cap on your primer magazine and lightly tighten the clamp screw.

Pivot the switch lever (#13864) away from the Early Warning System housing to fill the primer magazine with primers.

Invert the primer pick up tube over the knurled cap and pull the primer retaining clip (#14040 - See Fig. 17.) The primers should now fall smoothly into the magazine. Pivot the switch lever back over the Early Warning System housing. Gently slide the follower rod (#13707) down through the switch lever, the knurled cap and into the primer magazine tube until the follower rod touches the primers.

You are now ready to reload. When you are nearly out of primers (approximately three remaining) the follower rod will activate the buzzer. Never attempt to remove the primer magazine shield, it is there for your protection. Your primer system should now be ready. Let's move on to Station 3.

Station 3: This is an easy one. All we do is seat the bullet to its proper depth in the cartridge case. This depth was adjusted at the factory for the bullet type on the sample cartridge.

We give you a choice of bullet seating stems, use the one closest to the type of bullet you are using.

The depth of bullet seating may be adjusted simply by screwing the seating stem in or out. The adjustment is held in place by a layer of Delrin beneath the toolhead.

Station 4: Another easy one. This station removes the bell and crimps the bullet in place. Once again this adjustment has been performed by Dillon.

More or less crimp can be achieved simply by screwing the crimp adjustment screw (#13908) in or out. Check your reloading manual for crimp dimensions.

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