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Carefully remove your new Square Deal "B" from its packaging. Set the small parts aside.

Fig. 1 - Install the ejected cartridge chute bracket (#13659) with two large screws (#13976) from the parts bag.
Square Deal Template
Fig. 2 - Using the machine itself as a template, mark the three mounting holes. Allow about one foot on both sides of your Square Deal "B" for working room. Make sure your bench is sturdy and does not shake, as this may disturb your powder charge and primer system.
Dillon Sdb Light
Fig. 3 - Drill the mounting holes and secure the Square Deal "B" to your bench, using 1/4" bolts (not supplied).
Dillon Square Deal Bench Mount
Fig. 4 - Install the return bracket (#13355) between the bottom of the shaft (#13437) and the spent primer chute (#13594). The spent primer cup (#13651) simply hooks on the bottom of the chute.
Fig. 5 - Slide the cartridge collection box (#13756) onto the chute bracket (#13659) as shown.
Fig. 6 - The locator buttons must be placed at Stations 2, 3 and 4 to prevent the cartridge from sliding off of the shellplate. The buttons can be removed to access the case at these stations.
Monark 874e
Fig. 7 - Remove the cap from the top of the powder die (#13865). The cap retains the expander/powder funnel during shipping.

Fig. 9 - With the cap removed and the expander/powder funnel in position, you are now ready to install the powder measure. Place the powder measure on top of the powder die.

Fig. 8 - Make sure the expander/powder funnel is free to move in the powder die and reinsert it as shown.

Fig. 10 - The powder measure is held in place by the powder die clamp (#13986). Tighten in place, but do not over tighten.

Fig. 11 & 12 - Installation of the Powder Measure Failsafe System.

To install the failsafe rod (#16814) remove the blue stripper wingnut (#13799), rod spring (#14033) and washer (#18086). (Note the order of parts.) See Fig. 11

Insert the bottom end of the rod between the bench and the Square Deal "B" through the hole in the return bracket (#13355). Then, using your thumb and index finger of your right hand, move the locklink (#17838) down to align the hole with the slot on the Powder Measure bellcrank (#17839). Next, insert the failsafe rod (#16814) through the two holes and insert the failsafe rod clip (#13840).

Install the washer (#14033) and the wingnut (#13799). With your left hand, move the operating handle (#20114) to the priming position; press the operating handle firmly forward and with your right hand adjust the wingnut until the spring is partially compressed. You are now ready to reload. Refer to the rear view in Fig. 11 to assist in the rod location and proper powder measure positioning.

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