Press forward firmly on the handle to seat your primers. Primer jams or misfeeds can be caused by misadjustment of the set screw (#13961) in the primer feed block. The most common case of primer misfeeds or jams is the primer punch not seating fully onto the primer slide. This will cause the primer cup to strike the flexible orifice on the bottom of the primer magazine tube.

Watch the powder bar function, make sure you're getting powder.

Set the bullet straight on the case at Station 3 so that it enters the die correctly.

Watch your supply of powder and primers, you'll be using them faster than you think you are.

Take your time and learn the machine and its function. The Square Deal "B" will deliver hundreds of trouble free rounds in short order, just relax and take your time in the beginning.

Keep it clean - primer residue, spilled powder and just plain dirt can jam your machine. All bearing surfaces are Delrin and require no lubrication.

Clean your powder bar and underneath your shellplate about every 500 rounds. Some powders build up and will eventually stick the powder bar. Paint or lacquer thinner works well to remove any build up.

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