Step Changing and Adjusting Dies

Use of Dillon's Bench Wrench is suggested when changing or adjusting dies.

Remove screw (#13895) and remove the powder measure. Remove screws (#13815) and (#14037) and remove the toolhead assembly. Lift out the three die inserts (#12864, #11628, #11734) from the frame. Note: The toolhead you just removed is adjusted for those dies. Store these parts for when you set up this caliber again.

Now, take the dies of the caliber that you are converting to and insert them into the frame, corresponding to the position reference number on each die. 1, 3 & 4. If you choose to use the toolhead you removed, be certain that you back out the adjustment bolt (#13908) at Station 4 and remove the seating stem at Station 3.

Reinstall the toolhead with screws (#13815).

Drop the correct powder funnel expander in the die body (#13865) and mount the powder measure just as you removed it. Loosen the clamp screw (#13895).

To achieve proper adjustment of the die it is important to understand that the adjustable powder bar should reach the end of its travel at the same time that the handle reaches the bottom of its stroke against the frame stops.

To achieve this adjustment, the die body (#13865) must be screwed up or down. A sized empty shell case must be placed in the shellplate at Station 2 in order to check this adjustment. No powder should be in the measure during these adjustments.

Beware! If you pull the handle and the powder bar reaches the end of its travel before the handle reaches the bottom of its stroke, STOP! Raise the die (#13865) several turns and try again. Once the adjustment is correct but you want the case mouth flared a little more, just screw die (#13865) down 1/4 turn or less.

The base of the bullet needs only to set within a slightly flared case mouth.

Tighten screws (#14037) and (#13895).

Now, you can adjust the powder measure for the charge your loading data tells you to use. Remember that the powder charge adjustment screw (#13943) turns counterclockwise to decrease the volume of charge and clockwise to increase the charge.

Your conversion kit comes with the seating stems to fit the most popular bullet styles; wadcutters, semi-wadcutters and round nose. Choose one and insert it in Station 3. Simply seat the bullet to a desired depth. Consult your loading data!

Now, index your seated cartridge to Station 4. Lower the handle all the way against the frame stops. Turn the die adjustment bolt (#13908) down until you feel a slight opposition. Raise the handle and turn the adjustment bolt clockwise 1/4 to 1/2 a turn. Insert this cartridge back into the shellplate at Station 4 and give the handle a full stroke. The crimping die is now adjusted and you're ready to start loading.

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