Step Changing The Priming System

Remove Primer Early Warning System. Remove three screws (#13989 - refer to schematic) to remove the primer system from the front of the machine. Remove the primer slide return spring from pin (#13790) and remove the primer slide assembly from the magazine system. Replace the correct size primer slide in the same manner.

IMPORTANT Make sure the magazine is empty of all primers by inverting the primer assembly.

Remove cap (#13957) and pull out the internal magazine tube (#13673). Take the correct size magazine tube and drop a primer, anvil side up, into the top of the tube to make sure the primer drops freely through the tube and orifice. Insert the magazine tube (#13673) into the magazine shield with the keyed side of the orifice pushed all the way down into the notch or key way in the housing (#20900). Replace the cap (#13957). Do not over tighten!

Now, insert a few primers, anvil side up, into the magazine. Pull the handle, a full stroke, raise the handle and a primer should appear at Station 2. If a primer fails to appear, adjust the primer feed adjustment screw (#13961a), located at the lower tip of the flat spring (#13979) on the front of the housing (#20900) as follows:

If changing from a large primer to a small primer turn the primer feed adjustment scew (#13961a) in 1/8 turn increments clockwise. If changing from small to large, turn in 1/8 turn increments counterclockwise.

Give the handle another full stroke and a primer should appear. If the primer cup is not centered under the shellplate or snaps into place when the handle is raised it may be necessary to adjust the primer slide travel by turning the slide stop adjustment screw (#13961b) in 1/8 turn increments. It is located between the primer slide and the coiled spring (#13798) on the front on the housing. (See pages 3 & 4.)

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