Understanding the Machine

Station 1: When a cartridge is fired, it expands. The carbide resizer returns it to factory dimensions. The primer decap pin knocks out the old primer and deposits it into the spent primer cup.

No adjustments are ever necessary at this station.

Station 2: As you recall, when you press forward on the handle you will seat the primer, but that's not all that's happening here. As the cartridge goes up into the powder measure it encounters a powder funnel that slightly "bells" the mouth of the cartridge - this bell or flare enables you to start your bullet easier at Station 3. As the powder funnel is carried upward by the cartridge it will operate your automatic powder measure and dispense the amount of powder chosen.

Two adjustments are possible here. The amount of bell has been adjusted at the factory; however, you may increase or decrease the amount of bell by simply screwing the powder die into or out of the toolhead. (See Fig. 14.)

The second adjustment is the most important of the entire loading sequence and must be approached with a great deal of caution. You must adjust your powder measure to meter the proper weight of powder in grains for the load you've selected from a powder manufacturer's chart or reloading manual.

Cycle your empty cartridge into Station 2. Turning the adjusting screw as shown on Fig. 13 will open or close the powder insert. Fill the powder measure with the powder of your choice. Cycle your primed practice round into Station 2 to activate the powder measure. Do this several times and then, using a powder scale, weigh your charge. (See Fig. 15.) Then, by trial and error, continue adjusting until the proper weight of powder is achieved. Run it six more times just to be sure.

With the powder measure up and running let's get some primers.

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