If the base at the case is below low step FIG 75 then the sizing die is adjusted down too far and needs to be backed out by turning it counter-clockwise (Note: this case should be thrown away). Once the sizing die is properly adjusted, drop the properly sized case back into the case gage and look at the mouth of the case FIG 76. If the case mouth is below the high step (see "C" FIG 76) and above the low step (see "D" FIG 76) then the case is the proper length and will not need to be trimmed. If the case mouth is above the high step FIG 77 then the case mouth needs to be trimmed in order to reduce the overall length of the case. If you find that your cases need to be trimmed, Dillon Precision offers two types of case trimmers.

5. Lower the platform. The case is inserted into Station 1.

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