Station 1 - Sizing/Decapping

The stations on the toolhead are numbered 1-5. Station 1 is for the sizing/decap-ping die FIG 25. This die can be easily identified by the decapping pin sticking out the bottom as well as by its label. This die removes or "decaps" the old primer and resizes the case.

Warning: Never decap live primers! (See mandatory safety procedures.)

FIG 27 Station 3 - Powder Check

Station 3 is used for the optional powder check system FIG 27. This system is located in a separate package and can be identified by the blue warning buzzer attached to a die. This system is designed to detect gross deviations in the powder charge, i.e. a double charge of powder or no powder at all.

Station 4 - Bullet Seating

Station 4 is for the seating die FIG 25. This is where the bullet is pushed into the case.

Station 5 - Crimp

Station 5 is for the crimp die FIG 25. This die not only removes the bell created at Station 2, but rolls the mouth of the case inward to insure proper feeding and to secure the bullet.

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