Remove the screws that attach the clear casefeed funnel. Slide the front cover down a bit, and slip the white plastic funnel adapter into the funnel FIG 18. Reassemble.

Note: Do not loosen the two screws that are holding the microswitch (pt# 13779).

Note: Occasional jams will occur. To keep them to a minimum, be sure to use the spacer washer FIG 13 or white casefeed funnel adapter FIG 16 when called for. Use the low setting if it will keep up with your loading pace, and do not overload the casefeed bowl. The rated capacity of the casefeeder is about 1/2 of the bowl's physical capacity.

Before placing the casefeed bowl on the casefeed post, take a moment to look over and understand the casefeed assembly and how it works. If you like, you can run the casefeeder before placing it on top of the casefeed post. This will allow you to get a better idea of how it works. To do so, plug in the casefeeder and fill it with about 50 cases. Hold the casefeeder FIG 19 so the funnel is vertical. Place the cartridge bin under the funnel and turn it on. Experi-ment using both the high and low settings.

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