4. Remove the 10-24 screw and nut from the black push rod FIG 107 and place the powder check system on the powder check die FIG 108. Center the black push rod (see arrow FIG 108) in the hole that is to the left of the die.

7. Secure the jam nut by holding the black push rod while tightening it using a 3/8" wrench FIG 112.

Note: Once you've adjusted the powder bar for the desired powder charge -installation and adjustment of the powder check system can be completed.

J. Station 4 - How to determine the proper seating depth:

Before installing and adjusting the seating die you'll need to know how to determine the proper seating depth. How far the bullet is seated into the case will determine the overall length (OAL). Several factors go into determining the proper OAL - such as, the maximum recommended OAL, listed in the reloading manual, and the type of bullet being loaded. The type of bullet can determine the OAL by one of two ways. If the bullet has what is called a cannelure, FIG 113, this will determine the proper OAL.

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