b. Clutch Adjustment FIG 15:

Note: The clutch comes factory adjusted (if you don't have to install the spacer washer you shouldn't have to adjust the clutch drive).

The two socket-head machine screws (pt# 13732) should be just tight enough for the clutch to drive the casefeed plate under a normal load of brass. To check this, place the casefeed assembly in front of you on the bench. With the switch off, plug the case-feeder in. Turn the switch to the down (low) position and observe the movement of the plate. You should be able to cause the clutch to slip, using moderate finger pres sure, without stalling the motor. Alternately tighten and loosen the two machine screws evenly, observing the effect on the holding power of the clutch. The correct setting will stall the plate before stalling the motor, yet not slip when the casefeed bowl is about half full of brass.

Note: The casefeed bowl is not designed to be completely filled with brass. If it is fully loaded it will not function reliably. The rated capacity of the casefeeder is about 1/2 of the bowl's physical capacity.

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