I. Station 4 - Seating Stems for pistol FIG 65

All pistol seating dies come with interchangeable seating stems. The seating stem you should use will depend on the shape of the bullet you're loading. Three different types of seating stems may be available -wadcutter, semi-wadcutter and round nose. Check to make sure that the seating stem installed in your seating die matches the bullet you are loading.

Dillon seating dies, which are being used in this manual, are easily disassembled. Simply remove the hitch pin from the top and slide the seating stem out FIG 65. Replace the seating stem and reassemble the die.

Station 4 - Installation and Adjustment of the Seating Die:

1. Take the seating die from the die box and screw it into Station 4. Screw the die down until the bottom of the die is flush with the bottom of the toolhead FIG 66. Note: At this point the die will not be screwed down far enough to begin seating the bullet, but it will give you a place to start.

2. Place a case (with a belled case mouth) into Station 4.

3. Place a bullet on the belled case mouth and raise the platform. Then, lower the platform just enough to inspect the bullet without indexing the shellplate. If the bullet is not seated deep enough, screw the seating die down 1/2 turn at a time. As a guide, one full turn moves the die down about 70 thousandths of an inch, about the thickness of a nickel. Again, cycle the machine and inspect the seating depth. Repeat these steps as necessary until the correct overall length is achieved. Use a dial caliper or equivalent to measure the overall length of the cartridge. Check the overall length of the round against the information in your reloading manual.

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